How to earn infinite money in Dead Space Remake in the easiest way

How to earn infinite money in Dead Space Remake in the easiest way

The quintessential space terror is back in Dead Space Remake, the excellent title from EA Motive that pays homage to one of the great horror classics of all time. In essence it is the same game as the one from Visceral Gamesbut much better.

And that’s saying a lot. Isaac Clarke’s horror adventure is gripping from start to finish, mostly because of the angst, the sense of weakness, and how insignificant we feel on the USG Ishimura.

If we play on Hard or Impossible difficulty, you may have more than one headache with money or ammunition. Nevertheless, there is an infallible trick that only works in this remake.

Don’t know how to earn a lot of money quickly in Dead Space Remake? Relax, because we explain how this simple trick related to the impulse rifle works.

Trick to earn many credits with the impulse rifle

It may not be the most powerful weapon, but watch out for the pulse rifle. It is the only real weapon of Dead Space Remakeand it has a secondary fire that can be extremely useful.

In addition to the primary firing, the pulse rifle allows you to fire an energy minewhich is very useful for taking down oncoming necromorphs in, say, an Ishimura corridor.

However, you may not know that this Pulse Rifle secondary fire has another function… that will earn you a lot of money in Dead Space Remake (see more details on Reddit here).

Money (credits) is not such a vital element in the EA Motive titleAlthough, yes, it allows us to buy improvements for weapons and health recovery items, in addition to other uses.

If you play on Impossible or Difficult and you need money urgently (and you don’t mind ruining the survival concept), here we explain how the pulse rifle cheat works.

All you need is to have the impulse rifle (obtained in chapter 2) y a knot, As minimum. These objects are used to apply improvements to Dead Space Remake weapons.

Here we leave you with the steps of this trick:

  1. Activates the pulse rifle’s secondary fire, launching an energy mine.
  2. Each energy mine costs 25 in rifle ammo.
  3. Place all the mines you can, until you run out of ammunition.
  4. Go to a station, and reload the pulse rifle ammo.
  5. Purchase the Extended Magazine upgrade for the Pulse Rifle, using a node.
  6. Sell ​​any Pulse Rifle ammo you have.
  7. Spend all of your pulse rifle’s secondary ammo, and repeat the same process.
  8. Go back to the station, reload the ammo and spend another node (if you have it).

Basically what we are doing is sell the pulse rifle ammo, after you have reloaded it and benefit from the magnification of the charger (weapon capacity) with a node.

It is recommended, however, to have more than one node so that this trick has a better effect. Otherwise, you will only be able to use it once in Dead Space Remake.

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