How to enter the hidden room in Len’s Store during the first chapter of Sports Story

How to enter the hidden room in Len's Store during the first chapter of Sports Story

Few indies are as fun and original as Golf Story, an RPG with a classic aesthetic that mixes this particular sport with a Pokemon-style adventure (although without creatures). A few days ago its sequel, Sports Story, was released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

It’s a great Christmas present, which it can be yours for only 14.99 euros (introductory price) in the Nintendo eShop. If you liked the original from 2019, this title from Sidebar Games will grab you.

However, everything indicates that the development of Sports Story has been chaotic to say the least, and in fact its creators are working on a patch to improve performance. You can check it out for yourselves in a hidden room in the first chapter.

Remember the Game Freak developer room in the early Pokemon games? Well in Sports Story you can also access a hidden room in Len’s Store. We teach you how to access it.

The developer room at Len’s Store

It is very common for the creators of a game to introduce small easter eggs and hidden winks. Sometimes this happens in a much more explicit wayeven showing characters posing as the same developers.

An example is Pokemon. In the first editions of the Game Boy, it was possible to enter a building and meet the same creators of the title, who also gave you a unique Pokemon.

In Sports Story, the guys at Sidebar Games have included a hidden room, which players have dubbed the ”dev room”and which can be accessed in the first chapter of the game.

Mind you, in this hidden room alone you will find complaints and comments that the development team suffered from ”crunch”which is why the title has gone on sale in an irregular state.

Here we show you how to access the hidden room:

  1. First of all, you have to enter a Len’s Store (the building with the brown and gold sign).
  2. Inside you will see two characters in the upper area, and in the lower area a bunch of messy boxes.
  3. You must move the first box you see (located to the left), so that we can block the input (but not the output) to Len’s Store. If you have any doubts, you can watch this video.
  4. Once you place that box at the same entrance, leave the store and go back inside.
  5. You will realize that you cannot go inside it, but yes by an imaginary corridor to the left of the entrance.
  6. Go left, then up. continue to the left past the purple room and a room below.
  7. You will find the developer room a little further on, just above a hotel receptionist located in another room.
  8. Going through the door, you will take the elevator out of the receptionist’s room. He re-enters the same elevator and you will be in the hidden room.

In this hidden room we can talk to different characters. Each of them is a Sports Story developerwhich will tell us some details of the development of the game.

You can hear phrases like ”you could say someone kept requesting new features and my original vision no longer exists”, ”The menu is still broken”, o ”you could say we are experiencing a troubled development”.

You can discover more information about it in this news. It’s a shame, because Golf Story is one of the best indies on Nintendo Switchand this sequel also pointed ways.

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