How to evolve Primeape into Annihilape in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to evolve Primeape into Annihilape in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

are already available Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleninth generation games that introduce us to the Paldea region (clearly inspired by Spain) and lots of new features… including new evolutions.

I’m sure you remember them Monkey, the fighting type monkey that we could capture in the surroundings of Ciudad Verde from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. It was essential if we had chosen Charmander or if we played Yellow (since the starter was Pikachu) to defeat Brock.

Monkey already had an evolution (Primeape) from the Kanto region… but in Scarlet and Purple a third stage in their evolutionary line has been introduced. Have you already achieved it?

Otherwise, in this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide we explain how to get the evolution of Primeape, known as Annihilape, and thus complete its evolutionary line in the ninth generation.

a ghost fighter

In the ninth generation of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple it is possible to evolve into Primeape, which in turn is the evolved form of Monkey. In addition it is about a fighting-type pokemon ghostso it can be really useful in the adventure.

To make matters worse, it is not an evolution by level or via object. Annihilape is a unique Pokemon that can only be obtained in one (not very difficult) way in the new games.

The first thing we must do is capture a wild Monkey. This cute Pokemon can be found in Area 1 (West) or Area 5 (South), in both Scarlet and Purple.

Another option is capture a Primeape directly, to save us the step of evolving to Monkey. We can find it in the wild in Areas 1 (North), 2 (North) and 3 (West).

In case you decided to capture Monkey, All you have to do to evolve it into Primeape is raise it to level 28. Your Monkey will automatically reach its next stage in the evolutionary line.

When you already have Primeape, you must level it up to level 35 (it’s only 7 levels). Once you do, your Primeape will learn the Ghost-type attack Fury Fist.

This is where the important step comes. To make your Primeape become Annihilape you must use the Fist of Fury attack a total of 20 times.. Of course, keep in mind that this attack only has 10 PP (that is, you can use it 10 times, and then the attempts will run out).

To recover PP use the item More PP or Ether, although you can also restore it in a Pokemon Center. Once you spend the first 10 attempts, use Fury Punch another 10 times.

When your Primeape has used Fist of Fury 20 times, you just have to raise it one level and the Annihilape evolution screen will automatically occur.

Annihilape is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Its combination of types (ghost and fighting) make it really useful, and also the movement Fury Fist will be even more damaging in this evolved form.

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