How to farm gold bars in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

How to farm gold bars in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

One of the most special games in the Final Fantasy saga is now available as a remaster for all players. yes we talked about Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VIIthe new version of the classic released for PSP in 2008.

Until last December 13 you could only enjoy this prequel to Final Fantasy 7 on Sony’s portable console. Fortunately Crisis Core Reunion can now be played on PC and other consoles.

Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII is much more than a remastering, as it introduces new game mechanics and great technical improvements. Of course, there are many elements that remain.

One of them is the gold bars, which are very important for the Materia improvements of the characters, but you can also sell them to earn a lot of money. These are best ways to farm gold bars en Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

Farming gold bars and possible uses

In Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII we find different objects that we can sell, or use for our own benefit. One of the most important are gold bars.

We are facing a highly coveted object in Crisis Core Reunion, since can be sold for large amounts of money (Giles) in game stores.

However, gold bars are also vital when it comes to upgrade Materias and merge them. Thanks to this object you will also get an extra Luck for your character.

How can we get gold bars in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII? It is possible to find them in some missions of the game, at reward level or hidden in chests.

These are the missions where you can get gold bars:

  • 4-4-1: A New Threat (Catch)
  • 8-6-1: Yuffie Notices (Vault)
  • 6-6-4: Anti-Mafia Project (reward)
  • 10-4-2: Let’s hope it’s holidays (trunk)

The downside is that once you get the gold bars in these Crisis Core Reunion side quests, you won’t be able to get any more.

Therefore, the best way to get gold bars is by farming them. And there is a specific mission where we can obtain many gold bars, after defeating vast swarms of Tomberis.

This is the side mission Deep down (9-6-2)where we will have to defeat swarms of these creatures… and by defeating them we will obtain lots of gold bars.

Also, there is a way to increase the chances of getting gold bars. To do this you must equip yourself with these objects: mug Materia, the Steal materia or the Jeweled Ring.

Once you have enough gold bars, you can sell them in shops for 50,000 Giles each, which is a practically irresistible offer. Even so, we recommend you keep a few to improve our Subjects.

Indeed, we can upgrade Materias or even merge them with gold bars to get new effects (and an increase in Luck). To do this we just have to enter the tab Materia from the menu and place the bars in one of the boxes, next to the Matter that we want to improve.

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