How to farm infinite money in Chained Echoes in the easiest way

How to farm infinite money in Chained Echoes in the easiest way

It’s unbelievable that one person can make a game as good as Chained Echoes. It’s a clear homage to the classic RPGs of the ’90s, but it gets its own identity despite its similarities to Final Fantasy.

Chained Echoes es work by Matthias Lindawhich has had the help of Deck 13 (The Surge) to finish polishing the game and launch it on the market. You can play it on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

In Chained Echoes we have all the basic ingredients of the genre: a fantasy story, many characters, inventory management, spells, turn-based combat…

And, of course, the need to get gold (the in-game currency) to get better weapons and items. Next we present you the easiest way to farm gold in Chained Echoes.

Get money easily (and fast) with this glitch

The most obvious way to get gold in Chained Echoes is go beating missions, defeating enemies and exploring the mapping. However, it is something that will take a lot of time (and sometimes it does not reward you properly).

There is also an alternative method, but it will only give you gold once. It consists of going to Shambhala and finding the golden eggwhere numerous prizes are hidden that we can sell.

So, what is the foolproof method to earn a lot of gold in Chained Echoes? Consists in a trick that takes advantage of a glitch in the gamerelated to the inventory system.

At the moment there is no patch that fixes the glitch, so you can use it in all versions of Chained Echoes. Of course, it is possible that one day it will no longer be available.

all you need is have a good amount of gold, and be close to a merchant. You know, the shops where you can buy weapons, armor, items and so on.

Notice: There is only one Chained Echoes store where this cheat does NOT work. It’s all about Hooge, so go to any other store to be able to run it.

Once you are in front of a merchant, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Talk to the seller and select the tab Comprar.
  2. choose any object
  3. Select the maximum amount you can buy (for example, x5/5)
  4. Deselect said object and click on it again (with units at maximum).
  5. Repeat the process (select and deselect) over and over again.
  6. When you are satisfied with the amount of gold (indicated on the left), accept the trade.

Instead of losing that amount of gold in the transaction, they will be added to your inventory as if you had sold those items. It is a fully functional glitch that you can take advantage of whenever you want (except in Hooge).

Some Chained Echoes players indicate that It has not worked in some storesespecially once the initial part of the adventure is over.

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