How to farm infinite money in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to farm infinite money in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

the money from Paldea (the pokéyenes) is necessary to buy the necessary objects to have the most competitive Pokemon team: potions, revive, Pokéballs, and some other whim to dress your trainer.

There are many ways to get money in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: participate in Teraincursionesdefeat other trainers, sell useless items…

There are more secret tricks, like using the skills Payday from Meowth or Persian, which increase earnings in combat. But Pokemon fans look for tricks or even exploits to get as much money as possible…

Here we leave you with a trick to get infinite money in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, which does not depend on any bug, so it is not something that can be patched… but it does require a special command, because it is a method AFK (away from keyboard).

How to farm infinite money in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

the youtuber Ray19 narrates this trick to get huge amounts of money in the latest Switch Pokemon.

The trick, basically, is to check out a Sylveon (here we explain how to capture Eevee and evolve it) and use it in the Great Academic Fight (a postgame tournament).

The logic of all this is that if we leave a controller that has Turbo function (which it recognizes as multiple presses in a row if we hold down a button), and use some object of our house to leave the button A pressedwe can leave the game on all night, repeating the fight in a loop, and thus get up to 5 million PokeDollars in nine hours.

(Of course, it is also advisable to install a fan for the Switch if we are going to leave it on all night).

Why can this only be done in the Great Academic Fight? As Rayi has discovered, when we complete this tournament we respawn directly in front of the counter. We do not have to use the sitck or any other button to participate again: by pressing the A button without stopping, we will enter, win and exit and repeat the tournament without buying.

For them it is also important that we only have Sylveon in our team, and no other Pokemon, so that the game does not ask us when we defeat a Pokemon if we want to change our Pokemon and speed up the process.

Does it have to be Sylveon? No, of course, but it has to be some ultra checked pokemon that I can always win. The community was using Chi-Yu, one of the legendary ones, but according to Rayi Sylveon, with Loudmouth and maxed IVs and EVs, he’s better.

Of course, our Sylveon has to have some considerations:

  • Sylveon comes out in the wild and Fairy teratype, in teracrystal format, comes out every day in the northern part of the map (minute 2:50).
  • You must teach him Big Voice, a TM that you can get in an eastern area (minute 3:10). This is the movement that we will use in combat
  • You have to have skill patch, to change the Pokemon’s ability
  • Max out their IVs and EVs with Modest Mint, and 25 Calcium, 18 Fuel, and 7 Iron
  • It will maximize your earnings if it has the Amulet

This build, according to Rayi, is infallible to always win in the Academic Fight, without weakening the Pokemon.

If you don’t want to do all the trouble of leaving it AFK or you don’t have a Turbo controller, this build will also help you to quickly win this fight and to be able to farm, if not infinite money, if a lot of money quickly.

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