How to find and defeat the hidden boss Behemoth King from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

How to find and defeat the hidden boss Behemoth King from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

This year 2023 will be full of magic and RPG adventures with Final Fantasy XVI, news for Final Fantasy XIV and, perhaps, the long-awaited Rebirth sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But beware, we can still give cane to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Originally released for the PSP in 2008, Crisis Core is the prequel to Final Fantasy 7, which tells us the story of Zack Fair, Cloud and Sephirot before the events of the 1997 RPG.

In essence we are facing the same game, despite the fact that graphically there are great improvements in sight. For those who didn’t play the 2008 original, Crisis Core Reunion hides some optional bosses.

Don’t know where to find Rey Bégimo? He is a tough boss, who awaits you in chapter 10 of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, but in this guide we show you how to defeat him.

Behemoth King: How to find and beat him

During the chapter 10 In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion we must find a series of keys to progress until we reach the final boss. On our way we will come across an optional boss known as Behemoth King.

This fearsome beast isn’t quite as tough as Minerva, but it will still provide quite the challenge. If you prefer to face it instead of running away, prepare yourself for a hard fight.

To get to Behemoth King we need the Key to the barswhich opens cell 036 and the subsequent bars that are up the stairs.

Of course, to get the Key to the bars before you must find the 7 Goddess Keyswhich allow you to progress through this maze of cells.

Next we leave with the location of the Keys of the Goddess:

  • Goddess/Base Key: Defeat Nightmares (in the new Haunting Cage area)
  • Goddess/Sacred Key: Defeat Nightmares (in the new Haunting Cage area)
  • Goddess Key/Throat: Defeat Death Machines
  • Goddess/Solar Key: defeat Wanderer
  • Goddess/Heart Key: defeat Wanderer
  • Goddess Key/Third Eye: Defeat Cursed Eyes
  • Goddess/Crown Key: Defeat Super Tank

Once we have the 7 Keys, we have to enter cell 027 (remember to enter cell 018 to get the Materials), you have to go down some stairs and use the keys.

By doing so we will be in cell 032… which has a large hole in the wall. Cross it and you will be in cell 036. Go up the stairs and use the Gates Key to get to the Behemoth King.

The most important thing to defeat Behemoth King is to keep in mind that can regenerate his health with Materia. That is to say, we will have to cancel his ability with the Dispel Materia.

We also recommend you to increase your health, because Behemoth King’s Comet attack is a real disaster. You must also be careful with the tail slams and earthquakes, which are executed from a distance.

If you follow these steps and know how to successfully combine your Materias, you will have defeated Behemoth King. By doing so you will get the Goddess Key: Wingessential to move forward.

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