How to find secret room 1 and get the audio log in The Callisto Protocol

How to find secret room 1 and get the audio log in The Callisto Protocol

Surely you have had an intense weekend of terror with The Callisto Protocol, the new science fiction adventure from Glen Schofield (creador de Dead Space) y Striking Distance Studios. You can already get the game for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and we anticipate that it is really good.

It may not be too innovative, but The Callisto Protocol’s survival horror mechanics still work perfectly. The story of Jacob Lee in the Black Iron prison has us hooked a lot.

Beyond the main plot, The Callisto Protocol incorporates exploration mechanics and some collectibles scattered around Jupiter’s dead moon. one of them are audio logs.

Some are really hidden, so in this guide we explain how to get to secret room 1 in The Callisto Protocolwhere you will find one of these audio logs.

How to unlock secret room 1 and get the hidden audio

Reaching secret room 1 is required to get one of the audio logs of The Callisto Protocolas well as some hidden rewards in a chest.

However, it is not necessary to go through here to advance in the story, which is structured by chapters. In this case we are at the Consequences level.

To begin with, avoid going through the B414 Maintenance door, as this will advance the level and you will not be able to pick up the hidden audio. Instead go to the opposite side, where there is a door that gives access to Workshop B415.

Although it is sealed, you can open it using your wrench (with the push of a button). Next you must find a ventilation duct (Note: DO NOT go through the B426 Supply gate.)

Once you squat down the ventilation shaft, you’ll come to some underground passageways in the Black Iron Prison.

It doesn’t look like much, but you’ll be able to head in the right direction with no problem. When you come to a hole in the ground, go down it. and then continue straight.

Be careful, do not use the stairs that you will see on a ledge (the only one that is illuminated). Keep walking through the ruins until you see a broken doorthrough which it is possible to pass.

As soon as you enter, you will see that there is a chest located on the left, which you can open with the wrench. Inside you will find ammunition, something really useful in The Callisto Protocol.

At the end of secret room 1 you will see a large glass table, with a logo on top of the surrounding wall. On it is the audio log that we are looking for so much

Once we have the audio log and the ammunition, go out the door and, this time yes, use the emergency stairs (the illuminated area in the passageway) to return to where you started the secret room quest.

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