How to find the 7 wonders of Nibelheim in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

How to find the 7 wonders of Nibelheim in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII

Whether you played the original on PSP or not, Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII It is one of the best RPGs of the last few months. It is much more than a remastering, and you can also enjoy it on PC and on all current consoles.

Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII is essentially the same game released in 2008, albeit with a logical technical upgrade. This implies that we have lots of side quests and secrets to discover.

You may already be in chapter 8, so you will have the vastness of Nibelheim at your feet. In this scenario we can unlock a secret trophy/achievement if we find all 7 wonders.

What are the 7 wonders of Nibelheim? These are different objectives that we can complete in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII, and thus get this trophy / achievement and different rewards.

The 7 wonders of Nibelheim

In chapter 8 of Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII you will arrive at Nibelheim, the scene where the 7 wonders of Nibelheim are located. These are different enigmas/challenges that, when completed, unlock the trophy/achievement Expert in the Seven Wonders.

Six of these wonders are in chapter 8, while the last one is in chapter 9 of the game. In this guide we explain where to find each one of them.

As soon as you get to Nibelheim, go to the square and talk to the boy next to the water tower. He will tell you to look for the 7 wonders, to which you must answer that you accept the challenge.

The first wonder It is in the center of the square, inside a well. It is an OMD image of Phoenix, and when he gets it he talks to the boy again to continue with the challenge.

In the case of the second wonderenter the hostel and go up to the 2nd floor. You will see a frame of a woman sitting on the chair (or the chair, as it is totally random). Look at it several times and repeat the process as you go up and down the stairs.

Suddenly, you will see the innkeeper next to the painting. Talk to him and he will give you 2000 gil. Talk to the boy again to go for the third wonder.

Once you return from the Nibel reactor, you must go to a point in the town (a winding path in the shape of an S). You will have to face 3 Booms. The objective is the following: you must defeat them all without exploding. If you succeed you will get a Gold Fragment.

In case any of them explode, you must repeat the process. Go to the boy and give him the Gold Shard, to which he will respond with the Safe Lasso item.

The fourth wonder of nibelheim It is the most complex of all, since it consists of opening a safe located in the Shinra Mansion. Consult our guide on this to know how to complete the process.

Let’s go with the fifth wonder. To get it we must go to the Mansion, and go down to the underground Grotto. There we will have to face a Sahuagin, when going down the stairs on the left.

By defeating him we will get the coffin key. Go down the stairs to the right and use it to open one of the coffins, after going through the only visible door. You will get the Talisman item, which you must deliver to the boy in the square.

The sixth wonder, the last one to be found in chapter 8, is in full escape from Nibelheim, which is burning incessantly. We must find the mother of a child.

Be careful, because the camera does not stop moving, and you will only have 60 seconds to do it. The mother is in a house, specifically on the second floor, and you must take her to her son. You will get the FUE++ matter.

Once we start chapter 9, we must go for the seventh and last wonder of Nibelheim. It is located in the Outskirts of Nibelheim, and it is about the material Wall.

These are the 7 wonders of Nibelheim and how to find them. Along the way you will get different rewards and the corresponding trophy/achievement in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII.

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