How to fix problems accessing Redfall multiplayer

How to fix problems accessing Redfall multiplayer

Arkane has missed the shot. Or, rather, the shot did not hit the target. Redfall is by no means a bad game, but it is true that we expected more from the vampire shooter from the creators of Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop.

Redfall is available since yesterday, May 2, both on Xbox Series X | S and on PC and the Xbox Game Pass service. Many players are already fighting the bloodsuckers that have invaded Redfall.

Beyond performance issues (such as 30 fps in the console version) and some bugs, Redfall suffers from certain irregularities to access multiplayer mode.

If this is your case, and can’t access redfall multiplayerin this guide we leave you a few solutions to start your journey in this vampire shooter.

Access Redfall Multiplayer

Redfall is a game that can be played solo, but its greatest strength lies in cooperative multiplayer. In this way, the player can join up with three other users to hunt down vampires and complete campaign missions.

Best of all is that Redfall It features cross-play, so Xbox gamers can wax the vampires alongside their PC friends (both Windows and Steam).

In its early hours, the title of Arkane It has some problems with its servers. There are not a few players who have complained about not being able to start a game, or that the server does not save progress as it should.

Waiting to receive a new patch, these are the possible solutions for this error in Redfall:

Check the status of the Bethesda servers

It may happen that bethesda servers are downwhich would explain why you can’t start an online match in Redfall (regardless of the chosen platform).

In this link you can check if the Bethesda servers are working, as well as their network structure, both in general and in each game.

Check the status of Xbox Live and Steam

The error may not be coming from the Bethesda servers, but from Xbox Live (Xbox/Windows) o Steam. As in the previous case, it is possible to check it easily.

Remember that sometimes Xbox Live and Steam are undergoing maintenance, which will prevent you from accessing any title to play online. You can check it here: Xbox Live / Steam.

Complete the first solo mission

Some Redfall players point out that the game doesn’t allow them to connect to multiplayer, or that other users can play without it. Although it is strange, it may be due to a progress situation in the game itself.

To rule it out, We recommend you complete the tutorial and the first mission of Redfall solo. Once this is done, your problem could be solved. You can also ask a user with a good connection to ”host” the game.

Network settings on Xbox or PC

The last thing you have left is restart the network connection on your Xbox console or PC. You can also try the classic manual restart of your system or router.

For reset network connection on Xbox Series X|S Do the following:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. and a System / Settings.
  3. Select the tab Red.
  4. Go into Network Settings / Advanced Settings.
  5. Click on Deletewithin the section of Alternate MAC address. Proceed to reset the connection and try again.

In the case of your PC, you can perform the reset in different ways. First of all we recommend you restart the computer.

Once this is done, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Windows icon (Start).
  2. Type ”cmd” into the search bar.
  3. Start the command application (the mythical black screen with white letters).
  4. Enter the term ”ipconfig” and hit Enter.
  5. Copy the IP address that appears in Default Gateway.
  6. Paste the IP address into the browser you usually use.
  7. Use the data ”admin” for username and password.
  8. Go to the tab Administrationand click on Restart.

Redfall is available since yesterday, May 2, at Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Steam y Xbox Game Pass. Although it is not a complete game, perhaps over time it can become an essential, as happened with Sea of ​​Thieves.

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