How to get 100 free credits in Marvel Snap by pointing to the newsletter (for a limited time)

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Marvel Snap has launched a limited time promotion to encourage users to subscribe to the newsletter. Although this newsletter already existed before, this is the first time that they offer free in-game rewards.

Between March 16 and 23you can get 100 free credits in Marvel Snap if you sign up for their newsletter.

To do this you will have to register with your email account that you also have linked to the Google and Apple PlayStore or App Store in which you downloaded the mobile game.

How to sign up for the newsletter and get 100 Marvel Snap credits

To sign up for Newsletter from Marvel Snap, follow this link. There you must log in with the email that you also have linked to the Google and Apple PlayStore or App Store.

Afterwards, you must enter your email again to confirm it. Your credits will be delivered to your mailbox within a week (the mailbox is at the bottom right of the game menu).

If you had already signed up for the newsletter before (in February they gave away an Artgerm White Queen screensaver, but nothing in the game) you will have to do it again, again through this link.

How valuable are these 100 credits?

Credits is the most useful and used currency of Marvel Snap, because it allows you to increase the rarity of the cards (as long as you have specific power-ups for each card).

In turn, it helps you to raise the collection level (constant in each season) and thus get new cards in the first 500 levels, or collector’s chests later where the rarest cards in Pool 3 and the rarest in the Pool are. 4 and 5.

And how much are they? In the store you can get every day 50 free credits, and then you can buy 150 credits for 120 gold. In turn, 300 gold is the equivalent of 5.49 euros.

However, the most normal way to get credits (and gold) in Marvel Snap is by completing daily missions and season challenges.

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