How to get a Ditto with perfect IVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to get a Ditto with perfect IVs in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

The launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch it has already been produced and players want to get the most out of this title. One of the characteristics of the saga that is usually left as a postgame is the upbringing and search for the best Pokemon for our team.

And in this aspect, Ditto is a pokémon that has a lot to say. If what you want is to have a team made up of the best in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, one of the best options is get a Ditto of perfect IVs (individual strengths of each pokémon in its genetics).

How to get a Ditto with perfect IVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The best way to get a Ditto with perfect IVs in Tera-raids. Although it is true that we will have to have luck on our side, the best way to achieve this is by participating in the most difficult tests.

That is, first we will have to complete Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to unlock the 6 star Teraids, in which Dittos with maximum perfect IVs can spawn. Of course, we are already warning you that you are going to have to be patient.

The key to this matter is that 6 star Teraids guarantee pokemon with 5 perfect IVs. Only one would be missing, which is a random value that is established in a range between 0 and 31.

This means that we will have one chance in 32 to get a perfect Ditto. That, of course, if we find this Pokemon, since this level of Teraincursion is made up of 70 different Pokemon species.

To top, These Teraincursions only allow you to participate in one per day. So, as we have already said… better to be patient. Of course, the reward is very high if you are passionate about pokécrianza.

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