How to get a free FIFA 23 Future Star card with an 86 rating

How to get a free FIFA 23 Future Star card with an 86 rating

It is likely that one of the bronze cards you have in your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team club has been automatically changed to a special card and you did not realize it.

In these last hours, a trick seems to be working through which we will be able to get a new card completely free future star for FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamand no less than 86 valuation.

It should be said that depending on when you read this news, it is likely that this failure of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team It can no longer be reproduced, but we let you know in case you still have time.

Basically it has to do with a bronze card of the Real Madrid player Iker Bravo, and that automatically transforms into a future star card for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

How to get a free FIFA 23 Future Star card with an 86 rating

Well, just as it happened a long time ago with a letter from Eriksen that automatically transformed his gold card into a much more powerful one, it has now happened with the bronze card of Iker Bravo, a Real Madrid player.

The ruling is as simple as if you have Iker Bravo in your club, he would have automatically become a future star, with a card with a much broader rating.

In this way, if you get Bravo’s bronze card and add it to your club, it is likely that if the bug is still present, you will automatically be upgraded to Iker bravo’s future star card, which has a rating of 86 .

The card is certainly spectacular, because it not only stands out for its 86 rating, but also for its 89 pace, 87 shooting and 85 dribbling.

It is likely that the development team will solve this bug in the very short term, so unless you already had Iker bravo on your team before, it is likely that it will no longer work for you.

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