How to get a mystery variant in Marvel Snap (April 2023)

How to get a mystery variant in Marvel Snap (April 2023)

Marvel Snap wants to reward its players who suffered a small mistake (or rather, a mistake by SecondDinner) in the previous season, March 2023.

If you didn’t buy the Season Pass you probably didn’t know, but in the previous Season Pass, from March 2023, a common reward was missing: at level 47 they always gave away a Mystery Variant that used to be free, but this time they put it by mistake in the Premium pass (which costs 10.99 euros per month).

So, as compensation, from today and for three weeks you can get a random variant in Marvel Snap.

It is very simple! You will only have to enter the mailbox and claim it. But what variant can you get? And what is its value?

How to get a mystery variant in Marvel Snap

To get the mystery variant, simply log into the game and search for the mailbox. You should see a notification in the top and bottom right corner.

Of course, at the moment the PC version (Steam) of Marvel Snap, still in early access, does not have a mailbox, so can only be achieved on mobile devices.

And how long can we get it? For three weeks. They do not say an exact date, but we understand that it will be the three weeks that remain in the current April season, that is, Until April 30.

And what kind of letter will it be? It will be a random variant of a card you already have in your collection (it will not be a variant of a card you haven’t unlocked before). And it will be of the “lowest” value, that is, that in the store it would cost 700 gold.

In the Marvel Snap daily shop you can find six random variants every day. Some cost 700 gold and others cost 1200 gold.

Naturally, there is another class of much rarer variants, exclusive to the premium pass, bundles, or even the token shop (the Ultimate Variants).

Hopefully they get the wrong cards more often!

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