How to get Affiliate Claw in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to evolve into Sneasel

How to get Affiliate Claw in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple to evolve into Sneasel

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They have incorporated a number of new features into the veteran formula of the saga. Nintendo Switch has allowed us to enjoy a lot with these games and all their improvements. Although that is not to say that Game Freak has introduced classic mechanics into these games.

You already know that not all evolutions in Pokemon are produced by leveling up. Exchanges or evolutionary stones also serve to get more species. In addition, we also have special evolutionary items.

One of them is the Fast clawitem already known by many players, which has a very specific function: evolve Sneasel. In Pokemon Scarlet and Purple it can be found quite easily. So you can increase your pokédex.

How to get Affiliate Claw in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to evolve into Sneasel

The fastest way to get a Sharp Claw in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is Go to the Delibazar stores. Its price is quite high: 15,000 and you will also have to have obtained up to four gym medals.

You will also have the opportunity to get one on one Marinada Town Auction and even as a shiny in-game reward, although there is no guarantee that you will get one of these items quickly.

Once you have a Quick Claw you must equip it to a Sneasel. Now make sure the pokemon levels up overnight. That will allow you evolve it to Weavile.

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