How to Get All Vivillon Regional Patterns in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to Get All Vivillon Regional Patterns in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Vivillon It is one of the most unique Pokemon, because it has different color patterns. The wings of this butterfly, an evolution of Spewpa, will have different colors depending on the region of the world in which they are found.

In previous games, Vivillon appeared to us in different colors depending on the country we were in playing (recognizing the region to which the console was connected).

But in the last Switch games, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, that disappeared, and we could only get the fancy pattern, the other ones weren’t in the game…

…up to version 1.2.0, which adds support for Pokemon Goincluding an easier way to get regional versions of Vivillon: through postcards in Pokemon GO!

From now on, you can connect Pokemon GO with the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple games on Switch. From Pokemon GO, you can send postcards from your postcard album that you’ve gotten at pokéstops, or received from your Pokemon GO friends.

When you do, you will see the following. In Pokemon GO you’ll receive a chest of coins that makes it easy for you to capture Gimmighoul in walking form, while in the Switch games you’ll receive 50 coins, 1 max revive, and the appearance of Vivillon with “an uncommon reason.”

From this moment on, the Vivillon that appear in the game they will have the color motif of the region from where the postcard comes.

That way, if you have Pokemon Go friends from different countries, or you travel to other countries yourself, it will be easier for you to get the Vivillon: just open Pokemon GO, Get a postcard by spinning PokéStop discs at the destination, and then you can send the postcard to the Switch game to capture it.

These are the Vivillon locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple:

All Vivillon Patterns in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

  • Islander – Caribbean, South Africa
  • Continental – Europa central, Asia central, Argentina, India
  • Oriental – Japan
  • Solar – Mexico
  • Tundra – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, northern Japan
  • Orchard – UK, Ireland, New Zealand
  • Steppe – Western United States, Eastern Europe
  • Polar – Greenland, Northern Canada, Northern Europe
  • Taiga – Alaska, northern Europe, parts of Canada, USA, Argentina and Chile
  • Jungle – Central America, Northern South America, Central Asia, Indonesia
  • Marine – Eastern Europe, Spain
  • Floral – Europa central
  • Modern – Canada and United States
  • Monsoon – Southeast Asia
  • The ocean Hawaii, Madagascar, Galapagos
  • Oasis – North and South Africa, Egypt
  • desert – middle east
  • Swamp – Brazil, Australia

How to Link Pokemon GO and Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

ok but as it does? The method for linking Pokemon GO and Scarlet/Purple is very similar to the method used with Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Step 1: Link your Scarlet/Purple Pokemon on Switch with Pokemon GO

  1. In Pokemon Scarlet/Purple, press X to open the menu, choose Poké Portal, connect to the Internet by pressing L, and select Mysterious gift
  2. Select Connect with Pokemon GO
  3. Choose Link an account with Pokemon GO
  4. If you used the same Google account for your Pokemon Go account and your Nintendo Account, the Switch game will automatically recognize your Pokemon Go account and it will already be linked.

Step 2: prepare Pokemon GO

  1. Activate the mobile’s Bluetooth
  2. From Pokemon Go, open the menu (press the pokeball in the center)
  3. Opens the Options menu (the wheel at the top right)
  4. Look for the option Connected devices and services
  5. Choose Nintendo Switch (other options are Pokemon Home, Poké Ball Plus, wearables…)
  6. Choose Connect to Nintendo Switch
  7. The following should appear, indicating that the device is connected (you no longer have to do more).

Step 3: send the postcard from Pokemon GO

  1. Open the Bag in Pokemon Go
  2. Select the postcard album
  3. Select the postcard you want to send
  4. Choose Send to Nintendo Switch

Step 4: Receive the postcard in Scarlet or Purple

  1. Opens the Mystery Gift menu
  2. Select Connect to Pokemon GO
  3. Now select Connect to Pokemon GO (the first option above Link)

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