How to get diamonds in Minecraft Legends

How to get diamonds in Minecraft Legends

A new and epic battle in the Minecraft universe has already begun, and that is that the RTS spin-off of the franchise is now available in stores and Game Pass. You can now rock Minecraft Legends, a Blackbird Interactive and Mojang title available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

The Piglins want to take control of the surface, and only we can stop them… but not alone. We have the help of golems, creepers, zombies and skeletonsFortunately.

To build bases and protect structures from villagers, we need to collect materials. And one of the most useful are the diamondswhich are not as rare to get as in Minecraft.

Don’t know where to farm diamonds in Minecraft Legends? Don’t worry, because in this guide we show you the places in the Overworld where you can obtain this precious material.

Diamonds: where do you get them?

When does our adventure begin? Minecraft Legends, we can only farm two materials: stone and wood. Luckily, in a few hours you will already be able to get resources such as iron, Redstone, gold… or diamonds.

Unlike the original Minecraft, in this spin-off you can farm diamonds as if they were wood or stone. Of course, before you must get the improvement so that helpers can collect them.

Head to the Well of Fate (the central location of the map), and place diamond collecting upgrade. Remember that you can only place it in a specific quadrant.

These improvements are unlocked when we destroy the Piglin artifact that envelops the Overworld in the night. Place a diamond collecting upgrade stand for 100 stones and 100 lapis lazuli.

Now your helpers can easily collect diamonds. But where is this material found? they can only be obtained in two ways in Minecraft Legends.

The first method is to protect the different villages of the Overworld. When we protect a village from the attack of Piglins, these will reward us with objects that they keep in a chest. Not all chests have diamonds, yes.

It is the easiest way to get this resource, but only a few villages reward you with diamonds (wood, stone, iron or lapis lazuli are much more common).

To collect diamonds in the Overworld, you need to go to the north of the map. There is of biomes where to find them: to the nevada tundra y the jagged beaks.

Once you locate an area with diamonds, press LT to select the area and RT for your helpers to start farming them. It’s easier to get them in the tundrasince the peaks are much more difficult to explore.

Minecraft Legends is available from April 18 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch y Xbox Game Pass. The PC versions can be played on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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