How to get free Vidasfera in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and which pokémon is better to give it to

How to get free Vidasfera in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple and which pokémon is better to give it to

Have strong pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple of Nintendo Switch is not enough. You also have to know how to combine them with good items that increase your chances of victory in the combats. In Paldea there are a few very interesting items.

One of the most necessary is Vidaesfera, an object that will sound familiar to a few veteran players of the saga, since it has been present in many games. That makes? Where is it in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple? What pokemon should we equip it to? Here we solve those doubts:

How to get free Vidasfera in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and which Pokemon is better to give it to

The first thing is to know what the Vidaesfera. It is an object that when equipped on a pokémon increases movement damage by 30%s of this, though he will lose 10% of his max HP each time he uses a damaging move.

Therefore, with the right combination, this item can take down entire teams of opponents. In Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, the best options you can equip Life Orbs to are Scizor and Mimikyu.

Why? The reason is simple: both Pokemon have access to attack-boosting moves like Sword dance and have priority attacks. Since the loss of that 10% health only occurs when you use a damage move, you will only lose it when you decide to attack.

By then, the Sword Dance bonuses plus the 30% damage from the Life Orb will weaken stronger Pokemon. A good strategy, right? Let’s get back to the mess… Where is the Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple?

You can get one completely free at the island located as far west as possible from Lake Cazola (We leave you the location on the map in the following image). Also, in the Meseta City Delibazar you can get it for 50,000. Of course, only when you finish the game.

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