How to get hang gliding in Sons of the Forest

How to get hang gliding in Sons of the Forest

Survival games have had a few years of glory, especially if we talk about the PC Gaming market. Sons of the Forest is the new trend for streamers and compatible players, following in the footsteps of Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved or Valheim.

And that is not even the final version. Sons of the Forest is available in early access via Steam, at a recommended retail price of 28.99 euros for PC.

We have already told you about aspects such as the commands, the NPCs (Kelvin and Virginia), the different endings or certain tricks to survive. But, how to move on this huge island?

Unfortunately, in Sons of the Forest there are no vehicles… but that does not mean that we have to move on foot. In this guide we teach you how do you get hang gliding.

Hang gliding: where it is and how to use it

In Sons of the Forest you will spend most of your time exploring the island. There are no vehicles, but it is true that we can use zip lines to go from one place to another (with its limitations, of course).

However, you may not know that it exists a hang glider in Sons of the Forest. Thanks to this object, players can drop from a high point, and take to the skies. This will save you a lot of walking time.

Of course, you should know that hang gliding cannot be manufactured. There is only one, and if you lose it you will have been left without one of the most important objects in the game.

The good news is that the hang glider can be obtained from the first moment you start the game. In other words, there is no type of limitation or requirement in Sons of the Forest.

Where is the hang glider? Depending on your spawn point, it will be further or closer. You should know that this object is in an abandoned camp, on the highest mountain in the game.

The Sons of the Forest map has a very clear center: a huge snowy mountain. If you want to get the hang glider, you will have to climb the mountain to one of its base points (it’s not at the top, don’t worry).

It is not very difficult to reach this camp. Once you arrive, you can take the hang glider and start using it. Of course, you should know that cannot be disassembled. Be careful not to lose it.

The operation of the hang glider is very simple. No need to press any keys or do anything, just jump from a high point and it will automatically activate.

Once we are flying with the hang glider, we can press the directional keys (A, W, S and D) or the arrows on the keyboard to move in the air. With the G key we will release the hang glider.

Obviously the hang glider it will not be activated if we jump on the flat, or if the height is insufficient. We recommend using it from the mountain or from the highest points on the map in Sons of the Forest.

It’s not particularly difficult to use, but make sure you’re not too high when you release the hang glider. And we remind you that if you lose it, you will not be able to get another one in your game.

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