How to get Harry Potter’s wand at Hogwarts Legacy

How to get Harry Potter's wand at Hogwarts Legacy

We’ve waited a long time, but finally Hogwarts Legacy It has landed in stores around the world, in its different editions. Anyone can join the millions of witches and wizards who already started their journey through Hogwarts a few days ago on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

We can’t play it yet on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but it will essentially be the same game with lower graphic quality. What are you thinking about Hogwarts Legacy so far? Did you know that it has a themed Dualsense?

Despite the absence of Quidditch, the Warner and Avalanche Software title has all the basic elements of the Harry Potter universe. For example, we can create our own wand at Ollivandersas we saw in the books and in the movie saga.

Is it possible to be Harry Potter at Hogwarts Legacy? The truth is that no, but we can look a lot alike and even have the magic wand of The Wizard Who Survived.

How to create the Harry Potter wand

For historical and contextual reasons, neither Harry nor his friends are at Hogwarts Legacyas the game is set many years before the events of the books and movies.

However, we can have a wand identical to Harry Potter’s. Avalanche Software has included all the elements to delight fans from the beginning of the game, something that we can also see in the choice of house or outfits.

In this guide you can consult everything related to choosing your wand at Hogwarts Legacy. In case you haven’t done it yet, you have time to create harry potter wand.

At the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, you will go to Hogsmeade (Ollivanders shop) to choose your wand, which will be your adventure companion from now on. There are no palpable differences beyond the design and the nods to the lore.

You will have to choose what type of wood you want, the length and flexibility of the wand. It is also possible to select the core and, finally, its visual style.

If you are a big fan of the magical saga, you will already know that Harry’s wand it is made of holly wood, with an estimated length of 28cmand with a Phoenix feather core (from Fawkes, Dumbledore’s pet).

These are the instructions you must follow to have Harry Potter’s wand:

  • Wood Type: Holly
  • Wand Length: 28cm
  • Flex Type: Flexible
  • Visual style: classic
  • Core: phoenix feather

If you choose these characteristics, your wand will be practically identical to the one used by Harry Potter in the saga of books and movies. If you also complement it with the choice of Gryffindor and his iconic glassesthen you’ll be the spitting image of Potter at Hogwarts Legacy.

The editor allows for tons of possibilities, so players can also mimic Hermione’s or Ron Weasley’s wands. As an indication, we remind you that Harry’s wand is a twin to Lord Voldemort’s (both carry the phoenix feather core).

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