How to get infinite range in Marvel Snap

How to get infinite range in Marvel Snap

What is the goal of Marvel Snap? Early on, and as you get through recruit season, it’s about getting enough cards to be able to build mixed decks and explore different strategies (with matchmaking that brings people of the same level together).

But when you’ve been playing longer, and you go up and up the collection level, your priorities in Marvel Snap become to achieve the infinite range.

This rank resets every season (usually lasting five weeks), and to level up you will need to win games, and specifically cosmic cubes.

In this Marvel Snap guide we explain how can you rank up in marvel snapdifferences with other progression systems such as the collection level, tricks to level up faster… The game is a bit confusing, but here we clarify everything for you!

How to get infinite range in Marvel Snap

Tu rank in marvel snap It changes every season of a month. You can check it in the bottom right, next to the Play button.

It is different from Collection Level (which you keep all the time, in all seasons, and determines what cards you can get) and the level of Season Pass (which you raise with EXP by completing missions and weekly challenges).

What is snapping

To rank up, only one thing works: Cosmic Cubes. You get these by winning games… and you lose them if you lose games. FOR EVERY TEN CUBES YOU EARN, YOU GO UP A LEVEL.

Normally, if you were born SNAP, you will gain or lose 2 cosmic cube per game. But you can play it: if you hit Snap, the bet is multiplied: you can win 4 cubes if you win… or lose 4 cubes if you lose.

And if both players Snap, then there will be 8 cubes in play at the end of the game.

For that reason, there is the option to Fold, which will allow you to be able to play a lot less cubes. And since you can do it just before playing turn 6, it’s not a bad option…

How to rank up fast

Snapping is essential to rank up quickly, but it will also cause you to lose a lot of cubes if you lose the game. And just as you rank up, you can lose it: the only “lifenets” that will prevent you from further losing rank are at rank 10 and rank 100… that is, Infinite.

Although you can continue to rank up indefinitely, the maximum Marvel Snap Rank is infinity, which is at level 100. If you play it right, you can get to it in a relatively short time: think that you need 10 cosmic cubes to level up and there are 100 levels. If for each game you win you can win a maximum of 8 cubes, you could reach infinite rank in 125 games (although it will be more, for sure).

Also, when a new season starts you won’t start from scratch, but you will go down 30 levels (starting from 100, so you will have to reach Infinite Rank in all seasons).

Rank Rewards

There are 12 different ranks in Marvel Snap. When you reach each rank (it doesn’t matter if you go down later) you will get a reward. These change each season, but currently (Wild Land season of January 2023) these are the rewards:

  • 1 – Recruit
  • 5 – Agent: New card back
  • 10 – Iron: 200 credits
  • 20 – Bronze: 40 power-ups
  • 30 – Silver: 250 credits
  • 40 – Gold: New Title
  • 50 – Platinum: 400 credits
  • 60 – Diamond: Mysterious Variant
  • 70 – Vibranium: 500 credits
  • 80 – Omega: Avatar for profile
  • 90 – Galactic: 500 gold
  • 100 – Infinite: New Title

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