How to get legendary weapons in Redfall and wreak havoc on vampires

How to get legendary weapons in Redfall and wreak havoc on vampires

The vampires have come out frog. It is true that Redfall is not as good as Dishonored, Prey or Deathloop, but he is still an enjoyable shooter from the hand of Arkane Austinwhich you can now play on Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Redfall still has a ways to go to right its wrongs. However, we cannot deny that it is a very fun FPS, ideal to play with friends, and with very interesting aspects.

For example, legendary weapons are a real pass. If you get one, you will see how the vampires have a really bad time in the frenetic games of Redfall. Do you know how to unlock them?

Calm down, because in this guide we explain them how to get legendary weapons in redfall, And not die trying. But be careful not to anger the vampire gods…

Legendary weapons: how to get them

As with any multiplayer shooter, Redfall has some surprises in store for the best players. Is about legendary weaponswhich are a complete pass for smashing vampires to smithereens.

Of course, getting these legendary weapons is not easy, especially since they are not very common. However, there are some tricks to get them more often in your games.

Mainly there are two ways to get legendary weapons in Redfall. One is to fully explore the maps, and another is only reserved for the most skilled players.

You will soon discover that the effort is well worth it, because with the legendary weapons you will be able to defeat the most challenging vampires… including final bosses.

Find and open safes

The first method to get legendary weapons in Redfall is to explore the maps, with the aim of find safes. There are several scattered on each map, although below we will reveal how to find two of them.

the safes can be opened using picks and wiring kits, although it will cost you a lot to find them. By opening them you will get legendary weapons. You can imagine what all the players are doing.

Exact. Can get a legendary weapon, restart the game and search for a safe again. In this way you can accumulate different weapons of this category.

Basswood Safe

  1. Fast travel to Basswood (once you visit this location on the map).
  2. Purchase a pick and wiring kit at the store.
  3. Exit the base of operations and head south.
  4. You will arrive at the betting house. Pick the lock on the door with the pick, then hack the safe system.
  5. Take all the objects.
  6. Exit the game, restart the game, and log back in.

Heritage Rock Safe

  1. Fast travel to Heritage Rock.
  2. Purchase two lock picks from the in-game shop.
  3. Leave the base and head to the west of the map.
  4. You will arrive at the Mercado de la Unión (note that it has a huge lobster logo on the roof).
  5. Use the ladder to get to the second floor window. Break it to enter.
  6. Pick the lock on the door on the right with the pick.
  7. Use the second lockpick to open a small safe (located on the nightstand).
  8. Exit the game, restart the game, and log back in.

Defeat the Thunderer

The other option to get legendary weapons goes through defeat the thunderer. This gigantic vampire is a great threat, since he is tough to beat and delivers like hell. He does not become a final boss, but a fearsome enemy in the style of Nemesis (Resident Evil 3).

Upon defeating the Thunderer, the game rewards you with random legendary weapons. Sometimes you’ll get a pistol, other times a shotgun, and sometimes an assault rifle.

In order to defeat the Thunderer, you will first need to summon it. The vampire gods will call when the red bar (also visible on the map) fills up to the max.

How do we force the appearance of the Thunderer? Very easy: there are several ways, from destroy vampire nests until defeat special vampires.

The best thing to do is to progress through the missions, because as we kill more vampires, the deities will get more and more angry. Try to destroy nests from time to time.

It is also advisable to kill the special vampires. These arise when the situation for them is compromised. Some examples are Watcher, Shroud, Harpooner, and Drainer.

When the bar is full, the fearsome Thunderer will appear in combat. It is very hard, but if you defeat him you will get legendary weapons and you will be able to collect them.

Redfall is available from May 2 on Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Steam y Game Pass. Phil Spencer has admitted that it’s a disappointing release, but promises that Arkane’s title will get much better in the coming months.

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