How to get Majora’s mask and Midna’s helmet in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to get Majora's mask and Midna's helmet in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a number of small references and easter eggs that fans of the saga will be delighted to know, since they mention or directly connect with other Link games.

In this case, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has two very special items that can be obtained as an outfit. one is the midna helmet in Twilight Princess and the other is the majoras mask from Majora’s Mask. Here we tell you how to get them:

How to get Majora’s mask and Midna’s helmet in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

to find him Midna’s helmet from Zelda Twilight Princess You will have to travel to Frontia Island located in the southeast of Hyrule. Once on the island you must go north and look for the Abyss of Isla Frontia. When you go down you will find him Remote Island Coliseum.

Here will begin a combat test where you will have to face numerous increasingly powerful and challenging enemies. Upon successful completion, you will be given Midna’s helmet which will give you Aura Resistance.

Refering to máscara de Majora de Majora’s Maskyou must also address the subsoil, specifically the floating coliseuman area that is located just below the Hyrule Coliseum.

Here you will have to face another weighty challenge for which we recommend that you go very well prepared. When you have done it you will be able to obtain Majora’s mask that will allow you to go unnoticed among the enemies.

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