How to get more free spins or jumps on Honkai Star Rail

How to get more free spins or jumps on Honkai Star Rail

HoYoverse lives not only from Genshin Impact. The Chinese studio enjoys a great reputation thanks to the success of Honkai Impact and the aforementioned free JRPG, but now they are trying their luck with a similar science fiction title. This is Honkai: Star Rail.

Although the game has been available in beta for some time, it was not until this week when its final version has been released on PC and mobile devices.

And its success is being overwhelming. In a few days, Honkai: Star Rail accumulates more than 20 million players, after gathering 10 million pre-registrations before launch.

If you are starting to play Honkai: Star Rail, you may not know how to get more skips or free spins. In this guide we explain the different ways to get them.

Get jumps or free runs

Honkai: Star Rail shares many similarities with Genshin Impact. One of them is the F2P factor, which means that the download of the game is freeboth on PC and on iOS and Android devices.

In order to advance in Honkai: Star Rail and get new characters and weapons, it is necessary to obtain jumps, or rolls, which is how these points are known in most gacha games.

And Honkai: Star Rail you can get skips or free spins in several ways. Below we explain each of them.

Pathfinder Tier Rewards

He Pathfinder Level is the line that marks your progress in Honkai: Star Rail. As you level up, you will earn new weapons, characters, and other upgrade items.

You can even get Stellar Jade and Stellar Rail Passes at certain levels. Both serve to get more jumps and spins in the new HoYoverse.

How do we level up in Pathfinder Level? Very easy: completing missions, daily challenges and opening chests in the game. Let’s go, advancing in the adventure.

There are four levels at which you will receive an increased amount of Stellar Jade and Stellar Rail Passeswhich in the end will get you more skips and free spins (without spending any real money).

They are the following levels:

  • level 5: 10x Star Rail Passes and 10 jumps/rolls.
  • level 15:: 10x Star Rail Passes and 10 jumps/rolls.
  • level 25: 10x Star Rail Passes, 800x Star Jade and 15 jumps/rolls.
  • level 35: 10x Star Rail Passes, 800x Star Jade and 15 jumps/rolls.

Rewards for pre-registration

If you were one of the 10 million pre-registrations for Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll be happy to know that you can be rewarded for it. Of course, otherwise forget about getting these bonuses.

If you pre-registered for Honkai Star Rail before launch, you can claim a number of rewards. HoYoverse appreciates the support of the 10 million players who signed up for the test phase.

The rewards are as follows: 20x Star Rail Passes, the character Serval (4 stars), the Pathfinder Level avatar – Welcome, and 100,000 credits.

Login Rewards

Finally, HoYoverse rewards the loyalty of players who log in every day to Honkai: Star Rail. Yes, you can get jumps and spins just by connecting to the game.

There is a daily challenge that is unlocked by activating the Daily Record feature. By doing so, the game will take into account all the times you connect per week.

If you connect for 7 days (one week), Honkai: Star Rail will reward you with 10 Star Rail Passeswhich you can then redeem for skips or spins.

By following these three methods, you can get up to 80 jumps or shots totally free. This translates to unlocking 5-star characters and weapons without spending real money.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for free on PC (Epic Games Store) and iOS and Android devices. A version for PlayStation is also in development, which does not yet have a date.

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