How to get Poisonous Tentacle in Hogwarts Legacy, necessary object in a task

How to get Poisonous Tentacle in Hogwarts Legacy, necessary object in a task

We have a multitude of resources available at Hogwarts Legacy, and we are not only talking about weapons and potions, but also plants that we can take advantage

In fact, one of those plants that you’re going to have to get for sure, to keep moving forward in Hogwarts Legacyis the Venomous Tentaclea magical plant that is required to progress further.

There are several methods to get the Poisonous Tentacle plant at Hogwarts Legacy, a slightly cheaper method and others that are more efficient, and we will tell you exactly how each of them are.

It is imperative that, the first time you get the chance, you get the Venomous Tentacle plant in Hogwarts Legacy so that later you don’t have a surprise that you don’t have it in your inventory.

How to get Poisonous Tentacle in Hogwarts Legacy, necessary object in a task

The first way we have to get the Venomous Tentacula is by buying it, and the second way is by cultivating it.

Buying Venomous Tentacles

You can buy Venomous Tentacles or even their seeds at the Timofila y Canaleja store, which is located in the far north of Hogsmeade.

Once there, you can buy the seeds for 1050 coins or the plant itself for 600 coins.

Our recommendation is that you buy the seeds, a little more expensive, but they will give us many more Venomous Tentacles for the rest of the game.

Obviously if you only want one for Professor Garlick’s task, where it is required, then simply buy the plant but it will be less profitable in the long run.

Growing Venomous Tentacles

Once you have bought seeds you must grow them. You need to unlock the room of requirements, have a large pot and obviously have the table for the pots.

So make this pot table with the large pot in the room of requirement and plant the Venomous Tentacles. This will take about 15 minutes to grow until you can pick them up.

Finding Venomous Tentacles

You can also find her when you have Duncan Hobhouse’s Venomous Valor quest unlocked. In this mission you will be taken to the hidden herbalist and you will find this plant, and in quite a few units.

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