How to get relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage and where to use them

How to get relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage and where to use them

Fire Emblem Engage has incorporated numerous novelties to the saga. This recent installment for Nintendo Switch returns to a more classic gameplay, but adds a number of aspects that bring more depth to the SRPG formula.

One of those novelties is the presence of a multiplayer mode, both competitive and cooperative that makes Fire Emblem Engage evolve to give it a new identity among its players.

The multiplayer mode of this installment It’s not too complex, but it suits you have relay tickets on hand if you want to enjoy all its options. In this guide we tell you everything about this so that you do not miss out on enjoying online games.

How to get relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage and where to use them

The relay tickets are used to be able to participate in the different tests offered by the Tower of Challenges, the main HUB of the multiplayer mode. To unlock this Somniel building you simply have to advance in the main story.

The moment you unlock it you will get your first relay ticket to participate in Allochthonous Challenges and Relay Challenges. Every time you participate in one you will need to redeem another so you need to know how to get them.

It’s simple, each time a day passes inside the Somniel you will be given a relay ticket. You can wait resting in your chambers. This way you can get more, although not all modes of the Tower of Challenges require tickets, so you will not need to constantly farm this item.

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