How to get the Alohomora spell at Hogwarts Legacy and how to level it up with Demiguise moons

How to get the Alohomora spell at Hogwarts Legacy and how to level it up with Demiguise moons

Hogwarts Legacy is the game that fulfills our dream of being students at Hogwarts, the school of Magic, to learn a lot of spells that we can use… most of them for combat, because it’s an action RPG, but other spells have other uses.

It is the case of Alohomora, a spell that we can unlock in a secondary mission, although it is not lost if you know what it is. Of course, you will have to have advanced a stretch in the main story of Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get the Alohomora spell

Have you noticed the locked doors at Hogwarts? For sure yes. In fact, you will see that some say they have Level 1 locks, and others Level 2 or 3.

The Alohomora spell is used to open them, but you will not learn it in any class, but in a secondary mission called “The lunar lament of a warden“.

You’ll know what it is when you get the mission in an owl from the Hogwarts warden, Gladwin Moon. Find it, and a very simple mission will be activated, with the aim of getting two Demiguise moons, some statues.

When you find them, Gladwin will teach you Alohomora, with which you can open level 1 locks. But level 2 or 3?

For that you will have to continue looking for Demiguise moons, one of the collectibles in the game. you will have to give seven statues to get level 2y thirteen statues to get level 3.

Demiguise’s moons are hidden all over Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, but beware: they only come out at night. If you want, you can easily change the time.

That’s all you need to know about how to change the time in Hogwarts Legacy. Here we leave you with how to change houses in Hogwarts Legacy after choosing the sorting hat or how to get a FREE exclusive mask and robe before the launch in PS5, Xbox Series X|S y PC.

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