How To Get The Best Forspoken Cloak

How To Get The Best Forspoken Cloak

The prophesied is an open world action RPG game that hides a few secrets. The PS5 and PC title has very powerful objects that will be of great help to you while you tour Athia and its different places.

The capes are one of those enhancers that, beyond the change of look that they offer in Forspoken, also offer their protagonist a good number of advantages to consider. Today we come to talk about the best layer of match. Here is an explanatory video:

How To Get The Best Forspoken Cloak

The first thing you should know is that to get the best Forspoken layer you need to have reached a certain point in the main story. You won’t be able to go after her as soon as you start your adventure through Athia.

To get to the layer you must access the boreal pass, a rock corridor with the occasional abyss in between. Continue on this path until the Isthmus of Visoria to access the Sealed Labyrinth: North.

Since it is a complicated challenge, it may be good for you to have the ability “lilac fountain“, which is at the opposite end of Visoria, to the south (you can find it from the blue magic tab).

This will allow you to overcome the platforms that lead to the area where the cape is. However, still you have two major challenges. The first is a fortress, in which you have to defeat several waves of enemies, in full tear of the storm.

We recommend that you use fire and water attacks, since most enemies are weak to these elements. When you overcome this challenge you will be able to go out the opposite door and access a new refuge and the lsealed labyrinth, where the cape awaits you.

If you want to stand a chance, we recommend that you level up quite a bit, as this challenge will constantly test you. Of course, the reward that awaits you is very juicy.

The advantages of wearing this cape in Forspoken

  • Increased damage when your health is very low
  • Increased magic recharge frequency when your health is very low
  • Increased chance to crit when your health is very low
  • Increased stamina recharge when your health is very low

How do you like the game in PS5? In case you’ve just started with it, know that you can already take a look at 12 Forspoken tips and tricks that will come in handy in the early stages of the game.

Of course, it’s also good to know that the free Forspoken demo is available now on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store. We also leave you here our analysis of the game, which we have evaluated in this way:

Forspoken is not the next gen game that many of us expected, but neither is it the catastrophe that some have seen in the demo. Yes, it’s a game with aspects that could be improved, starting with the script, but it manages to make exploration and combat feel fresh and fun, in a world with a lot to do, that invites you to continue playing once you’ve seen the story.