How to get the best loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

How to get the best loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

It is possible to increase our chances of getting the best loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunionbut for this we must not only have the right materials, but also get the invocations correct, and you will find it in this guide.

The magic pot is one of those special summons that you can get in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and that can be added to our DMW, something that can end up giving us great loot like Subjects rare.

But first you must manage to overcome some previous steps to obtain the summoning of the magic pot the first time you find it at level 10-2-3, and our path begins in chapter 1 with the acquisition of the correct matter.

So we are going to give you all the steps so you can get a lot of loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Meeting for your games.

How to get the best loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

We must face the magic pot several times before it can be attached to our inventory, and at the moment you will not be able to defeat it in a fight because it has too much health. But we can take advantage of throwing different types of magical matter to please her.

These are the materials you need and where to get them:

  • Tornado assault materia (Automatically at the beginning of Chapter 1).
  • Skip Matter (6-1-3: Treasure Hunt).
  • Fira Materia (The Shop of the Happy Turtle).
  • Gravity Matter (Master Mako Stone Miner Trophy).

But before our first encounter with the magic pot in chapter 2, we must unlock the Tonberry summons to our DMW.

To get it, you need to complete the following missions first:

  • 6-1-1: Coal Mines Closed.
  • 6-1-2: Desert Island Delights.
  • 6-1-3: Treasure hunt.
  • 6-1-4: In the Depths of the Caverns.
  • 6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns.

When you finish the list of previous missions, you will meet Master Tonberry and as soon as you defeat him, he will be added to your team.

And the time has come to permanently unlock the magic pot, specifically in the mission 10-2-3 in Chapter 2. To unlock this mission, complete the following two missions:

  • 10-2-1 : Find the Tonberry.
  • 10-2-2 : Tonberries everywhere.

Once you come across the magic pot, don’t try to fight with it until it asks you to use one of the four materials mentioned above. When he is pleased enough he will allow us to add him to your team.

Magic Pot Rewards

Well, the magic pot grants you the limit break, a limit break that rewards you with loot, based on the level of your limit break.

Here are all the rewards given:

  • Level 1: Curaga, Drain, Graviga, Libra.
  • Level 2: Iron Bracelet, Titanium Bracelet, Carbon Bracelet, Platinum Bracelet.
  • Nivel 3 : Kaiser Knuckle, Shinra Beta+, Royal Crown, Crystal Orb.
  • Nivel 4 : Elixir 5, Elixir 10, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down 3.
  • Level 5: Ribbon, Gold Bar, Gold Bar 3, Gold Bar 5.

So, with these previous steps, you already have the key to get a lot of loot in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

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