How to get the best Resident Evil 4 Remake knife, which is also unbreakable

How to get the best Resident Evil 4 Remake knife, which is also unbreakable

Beyond the main story, Resident Evil 4 Remake has other activities to complete. If you do you will get trophies/achievements and juicy rewards, as well as improvements (charms) for Leon Kennedy and Ashley.

One of the collectibles are the mechanical castellan. In total there are 16 of themone per chapter, and believe us: you will need them more than you think.

It is not difficult to find these objects, since they make sounds when you are around. We recommend you activate the subtitles, although the enemies and other objects could confuse you in your search.

One of the juiciest rewards for finding the mechanical castellan is the primal knife. It is the best melee weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and in this guide we help you obtain it.

Primary knife: where is it hiding?

In Resident Evil 4 Remake we can use different knives. They are more useful than you think, since they allow us to counterattack (execute parrys), execute enemies stealthily and get out of more than one jam.

The problem is that these knives wear down, to the point of breaking. We recommend checking the condition of your knives from time to time, and, if necessary, repairing them.

En Resident Evil 4 Remake solo there is a knife that does not need to be fixedsince it is unbreakable. Besides, it is the best white weapon (melee) of the entire game.

Its about primary knife. It may look like a normal knife, but once you try it you will see that it is a killing machine. Getting it is not as difficult as it seems.

To unlock the primary knife, you must complete the ”Rope of Revolution” challenge‘. Doing so will get you this weapon, and also a trophy/achievement.

How do we complete this challenge? Very easy: you have to find (and destroy) all mechanical castellan de Resident Evil 4 Remake.

In total there are 16 mechanical castellan (one per chapter). In this guide we show you the exact location of each one, in case your search becomes more complicated than necessary.

A word of advice: to better locate these collectibles, turn on the game subtitles. These dolls emit a very characteristic sound when they are close. oh and if you can play with headphonesbetter than better.

If you find all 16 mechanical castellan and you destroy them (with one shot), the game will give you the primary knife. It’s just that spending pesetas to repair knives or buy them.

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