How to get the golden mask in Sons of the Forest and what it is for

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Sons of the Forest has already been released in Steam and many players have launched into its mysterious and disturbing island to discover all its secrets. The sequel to The Forest is leaving a lot of curiosities and easter eggs.

Since it is such a big world and full of things to do and find, it may take time to find everything. Therefore, here we are going to help you with Sons of the Forest and we are going to tell you where is one of the most important objects in the game: the golden mask.

How to get the golden mask in Sons of the Forest and what it is for

To find the golden mask of Sons of the Forest you will first have to travel to the location that we left you marked on the map right down here. To orient yourself you must take the mountains and the lake as a reference. What you’re looking for is a cave.

However, to access this location you will first have to have a series of objects. The first thing is get maintenance card. Once you have it, go into the cave and sneak through a hole until you reach a strange building.

Follow the path of the stairs down to find the door that asks us for the maintenance card. Continue the path and you will have to go back down some stairs after watching a cinematic. Now you must continue down to level 5. He continues straight and turns into the room on the left to find the golden mask.

The particularity of this mask is that it avoids being attacked by other masked enemies and also It is an essential object if what we want is to complete the gamesince the last bunker will have to be opened with this skin on.

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