How to get the Interceptor Sentry ship, the new weapon and jetpack in No Man’s Sky Interceptor

How to get the Interceptor Sentry ship, the new weapon and jetpack in No Man's Sky Interceptor

If space exploration and sci-fi games are your thing, No Man’s Sky can become your obsession. Hello Games continues to improve its adventure game with more planets, ships, alien species and secrets to discover.

After releasing No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch, Hello Games welcomes the Interceptor update. It is available for free for all versions (also on PS VR2 for PS5).

With the Interceptor update you will be able to get a new type of ship (Interceptor Sentinel), new multi-tools and even an exclusive jetpack.

Don’t know how to access all the new No Man’s Sky content? Relax, because in this guide we explain it to you all about the Interceptor update available on all platforms.

Interceptor Update: How to access the new content

Since last April 5, it is already available the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. Among its novelties stands out the new type of ship, Sentinel Interceptor.

You may not know how to access the new content. Don’t worry, because for this the first thing you have to do is locate a corrupt planet.

Open the galactic map, and look at the star map. To find a corrupted planet, you should watch for the Dissonant trait to appear in the third section (instead of water, for example).

This implies that at least one of the planets in the same system has corrupted sentinels. It does not have to be the same planet (in fact, it does not usually coincide), but is irrefutable proof.

Once you locate the corrupted planet (features indicate that it has corrupted sentinels), land on it.

All of the new Interceptor content is on these planets. In them you will be able to obtain a new mineral (Atlantideum), crashed ships, corrupted camps and the new multi-tools. They will never be on other planets.

Get Interceptor Sentry Ships

To get this new type of ship, we have to locate the corrupt camps. They are scattered around the corrupted planet in question, but there is a way to locate them in an easier way.

Consists in find a dissonant Resonator. This item is obtained by shooting at structures belonging to corrupt sentinels (not all incorporate it).

You can also get echolocatorsby defeating a corrupted sentinel type (quadruped), as they are carried on their backs.

Thanks to the resonators, we will be able to find these camps. And what interests us most is the harmonic interface.

With the harmonic interface we can unlock the multitool sealsand also activate the locator of the Sentry Interceptor ships.

Get new multi-tools

The Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky includes new multi-tools (such as BQ4 Laser Light). These are found in the corrupted camps, but they are locked.

To get them, you need disable multitool stamps. In the same way, you also need to deactivate the seal to get the new jetpack.

we teach them to solve the deactivation puzzle:

  1. Click on Scan memory records (when the initial message ends).
  2. Three codes will be displayed that end with a mathematical operation.
  3. Forget the code in the first instance. The important thing is to solve the operations.
  4. Once you solve the operations (addition and subtraction), memorize the resulting numbers.
  5. Click on Enter Override Glyphsand insert the glyphs corresponding to these numbers.

get jetpack

Its about Turbojet Aeron, a jetpack shaped like an exosuit with which you can plan on the scenarios. There is no denying that it is very cool.

Fortunately, it is very easy to get. Like the new Multi-Tools, it is found in Corrupted Sentinel Camps.

All you have to do is disable magnetic seals (explained in the previous point), which will allow you to take the jetpack without problem.

No Man’s Sky is one of the best space exploration games. Is available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC. You can also play it on Xbox Game Pass.

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