How to get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

How to get the Master Ball in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

In Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch, could not miss the Master Ball. As in all Pokemon games, the Master Ball is one of the rarest rewards in the game, and it is 100% effective: if you throw it at a Pokemon, it will never miss.

But how can you get it? And how many? Unfortunately, you can only get one per game, and it’s impossible to get more.

Here we explain how do you get the Master Ball and which Pokemon you should use it on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

How to get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Getting the Master Ball is one of the great rewards at the end of the main story. To do this you must complete the three plot lines of the game: the eight gyms, the five titan Pokemon, and the five Team Star bases.

Since for the first time it is not linear and we can choose in which order to complete all the tasks, here we explain the best order to overcome the story of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

By doing so, you still won’t have seen the best. After completing the final phase of the game, which we will not spoil, we will then return to the academy and Director Clavel will reward us with the Master Ball.

How many Master Ball are in the game? Just one! There is no other way to purchase or receive a Master Ball, so take good care of it and only use it at the best time.

That is to say: the Legendary Pokemon. In Scarlet and Purple you can naturally capture Koraidon or Miraidon, and it’s a good idea to use the Master Ball on them. Although there are also four other Legendary Pokemon in Paldea: Chi-Yu, Ting-Lu, Chien-Pao and Wo-Chien (this is the guide to find the Legendaries).

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If you have passed the game, we will explain the content of the postgame, the requirements to evolve all the Pokemon, all the recipes and nutripowers, the emblems and ribbons and how to unlock the 6-star teraincursions.

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