How to get the most out of FIFA 23 youth academy in career mode and get better young players

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One of the keys we have to find the best footballers for the Academy is through scouts, but not everyone knows how to take advantage of them in FIFA 23.

Thanks to the scouts, we can obtain a series of young footballers that we will first train at the Academy, and that we can later sell or get into the first team, a good way to invest our time wisely in the FIFA 23 career mode.

However, sometimes due to lack of time we do not pay enough attention to the youth academy. FIFA 23 in career mode, and there are a number of strategies that you can use to always get the best young players.

So we tell you how to make the most of the quarry of FIFA 23, specifically for the career modeso that scouts can always find the best footballers.

How to get the most out of FIFA 23 youth academy in career mode and get better young players

Tips for the FIFA 23 career mode:

Experience Vs Judgment

The key is knowing how to hire the right scouts. As you well know, scouts have a series of stars based on experience and judgment.

basically the experience It allows them to find more players and be more precise about the type of footballer we want.

In the type of footballers that we want them to find, it is for attributes such as strength, rhythm or resistance, among others.

It will also offer us a report with a greater number of young footballers.

For example, a scout with five stars of experience will bring us a report with at least five footballers, and probably even more. If it only has one star, don’t expect more than one or two footballers in the report.

The other parameter of the scouts is the judgment, the one that gives us the best chance of finding a platinum footballer for the youth academy. And that means that this footballer has great potential to even reach an average rating above 90, higher than those of bronze, silver and gold.

Top Continents and Countries to Send Scouts

Once you’ve signed a scout who’s balanced in experience and judgment, it’s time to send him to a particular continent or location.

For example, if you send it to Africa, you will be offered mainly reports of physically strong footballers, and with a platinum percentage of approximately 2%.

And if you look for footballers in Asia, the percentage of finding a platinum is less than 1%. However, if you are looking for extremes, Asia is usually the best option.

But when it comes to the best options we have Europe and Latin America.

In short, it would be the following:

  • For very technical players, attackers and goalkeepers, it is better to look in Brazil and Argentina.
  • For extremes, Japan or China and the rest of Asia would be sought.
  • For physically strong players scouts would be sent to Africa.
  • For players with a lot of touch, also defensive and technical, Central Europe.

Improving young footballers

Once we have already found a scout, and the scout has brought us footballers, we must improve them in the Academy following the following strategies:

  • You have to give playing time to young footballers, and we’re not just talking about 5 or 10 minutes per game. If you don’t give it time, they won’t grow. Ideally, you can transfer them to a team or a league where they will play more.
  • You have to take care of your morale, since morale allows you to improve every week and makes you play better. In order for him to have good morale, you should offer him a good contract, that he participate in press conferences and obviously that the team is doing well.
  • Pay attention to the states of the footballers, and treat each one individually.
  • And the training is really important, and you have to exactly empower the players in their position, and paying attention to their exponential growth to know if you are training properly or you have to change the rhythm.

As you can see, in order to obtain the best young footballers, several elements have to be taken into account, ranging from getting a good scout, to then sending him to the right countries in the world, and then training the footballers properly.

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