How to get the new cars from The Last Dose of GTA Online

How to get the new cars from The Last Dose of GTA Online

The last update of GTA Online Related to Los Santos Drug Wars is now available on consoles and PC thanks to Rockstar. The Last Dose once again focuses on the criminal world related to the trafficking and consumption of psychotropic substances.

Although the new missions and bonuses are not the only thing that comes to GTA Online. The multiplayer spinoff of GTA V also receives top-notch vehicles. Especially two cars are the ones that have attracted the most attention from collectors.

the supercar Ocelot Virtue and he the car Willard Eudora are already available and if you wonder how to get them in GTA OnlineDo not fear, because here we will solve any doubt you may have in this matter.

How to get the new cars from The Last Dose of GTA Online

How to get the Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online

The new supercar launched by Rockstar It is quite a candy for sports lovers and is available to get in different ways. Ocelot Virtue offers different ways to access it.

The first is completing the five new missions of the last dose and there is another way to get it for free: by being a subscriber to the GTA+ program. Lastly, this car is for sale by 2.980.000 GTA$ at Legendary Motorsport dealerships.

How to get the Willard Eudora in GTA Online

The second great car in this update is a true classic inspired by the fashion of the 60s and models like the Impala. If you want to get him Willard Eudora you better save. This vehicle costs 1.250.000 GTA$ and is available in two locations.

This car will only be available for purchase between March 16-29, 2023 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and in Premium Deluxe Motorsport. So now you know that there is no time to waste.

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