How to get the Quidditch team at Hogwarts Legacy

How to get the Quidditch team at Hogwarts Legacy

We have a lot of collectibles that we can get in our games at Hogwarts Legacy and some of them will allow us to obtain certain cosmetics that we are going to appreciate, and one of them is the customization equipment of Quidditch.

As part of this Quidditch customization team we are going to have to find a series of landing pads which are spread all over the world Hogwarts Legacy and basically we just have to land on them with our magic broom.

The bad thing is that these landing pads in Quidditch are not marked on the map, so it is certainly difficult to track them, and that is why we have created this guide.

While we are finding the landing platforms we are going to get experience points and also obviously the Quidditch team we are looking for.

How to get the Quidditch team at Hogwarts Legacy

We have 20 landing platforms scattered around Hogwarts Legacy, and if we find them all we will unlock the “challenge accepted” achievement/trophy.

By finding these landing platforms, exploration challenges are unlocked and each unlock level will reward us with a different set of the Quidditch captain’s uniform (uniform, helmet, gloves and cape).

Location of the 20 landing platforms:

  • In the southern region of Hogwarts, specifically south of Aranshire on the ridge of the mountain near the treasure vault.
  • This time we have it to the north, specifically to the west of the Flú flame. Approach the hill near the small bandit camp on the river.
  • In the northern region of Hogwarts, to the west of the previous location, specifically on the high cliffs of the path that leads to the ruins of Korrow.
  • We found this platform just south of the town of Pitt Upon Ford in the far north, and you are going to locate it in a tall wooden tower.
  • We have to go to the eastern end where North Ford Bog and Hogsmeade Valley meet. We recommend flying to the east of North Bog Floo Flame and locate a wooden tower next to a mine on the cliffs.
  • To find this platform we must fly east of Hogsmeade to see it on a high cliff, to the south, on the other side of the swamp.
  • We have it located northwest of Keensbridge where we need to locate a dilapidated complex on the hill with an old tower and it’s missing the roof, and you’re going to have the platform inside the larger structure.
  • We find it in the extreme southeast of the Hogwarts valley region, south of the Eye Floo Flame mine. You are going to find this platform far below the valley near the coastal cavern.
  • For this platform we must go to the Feldcroft region to the southwest of the Flú flame of the Hogwarts valley.
  • In the valley of Hogwarts to the north of a high cliff with a view in the northern distance.
  • In the Feldcroft region southwest of the village, on a high rock off the west coast.
  • Also in the Feldcroft region to the east of town, you should locate a large cave entrance with ruins outside.
  • Also in the Feldcroft region, but we must fly southwest to see these platforms near a large ruin.
  • On the Poidsear coast at the southern end of this coast, you should locate a tall tower beyond the group of ruins.
  • In Lake Marunweem, specifically on the bridge next to the east tower, note that the bridge is located in the center of the lake to the north of the town.
  • Also on the same lake, south of the coast, on a high cliff near the tower tunnel pass.
  • In the area of ​​the stately cape, to the north, near the large ruins of the mansion, we must locate the cliffs with this platform near the water.
  • The same area as the previous one, to the south of the platform that we have found before, we must locate the new platform in front of the coast in a tall rock tower.
  • Specifically, we must go to Cragcroftshire, we must fly south of Cragcroft to see this landing platform on a very high natural rock tower.
  • We have it on the coast of Clagmar in the extreme southeast, next to the northern cliffs, near the coastal inlet with jagged rocks that go into the sea.

This way you know exactly where the 20 landing platforms are to find them in your games at Hogwarts Legacy.

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