How to get the secret Forspoken cape and necklace and access the curiosity shop

How to get the secret Forspoken cape and necklace and access the curiosity shop

Forspoken, the new action and adventure game from Square Enix, is now available on PS5 and PC worldwide. It has not been the great AAA that entered 2023, but it is a remarkable game that lovers of open worlds will enjoy.

In Forspoken there is not only a main plot, but players can explore the lands of Athia in search of side quests, secret locations and puzzles.

As in all open world RPGs, players can get better items, weapons, and outfits for Frey, though some of them must be crafted with a specific item.

If you’re also a real trophy hunter, you’ll need a special item to craft the secret cape and necklace in Forspoken. In this guide we teach you how to locate the store where you can complete your objective.

Curiosity Shop Location

As in any good RPG, The prophesied It allows us to get better objects and weapons to advance in the adventure, even beyond the main plot.

More specifically, there is a secret cape and necklace that you can only get through crafting. That is, with the help of a special object called sewing box.

The problem is that there is only one way to get the sewing kit. To do this you will have to locate a hidden shop in Athia, which It is called a Curiosity by a zombie.

The first thing is to get 64 ancient coins. It is an Athenian currency with which we can buy special items in various stores, and the same thing happens with this secret store (which we help you locate).

Where do you get the old coins? They are usually in chests (which you have to open by solving a small puzzle) or even hidden in the settings. It is the main collectible of Forspoken.

The curiosities shop It is located in the Campanil de Visoria Interiora hidden location between the mountains that will not be easy for you to find (it is not necessary to go there, in fact).

Once you have the necessary 64 ancient coins (nearby there is one, inside a chest), go to the location that we marked in the image.

When you arrive you will see a kind of booth covered by plants. Go inside and talk to the Antique Collector.after the cinematic.

This is what the Collector sells:

  • gravity lantern: 16 ancient coins.
  • comfortable pillow: 16 ancient coins.
  • alchemy cauldron: 24 ancient coins.
  • Compass: 48 ancient coins.
  • Sewing box: 64 ancient coins.

Get the secret cape and necklace

If you have the required 64 Ancient Coins, talk to the Antique Collector and buy the Sewing Box.

Thanks to the sewing kit you can make objects. It is the only way to get the secret cape and necklace for Frey, which when unlocked they will give you the precious Handyman trophy.

Go to the workbench (your lair) to use the sewing kit. Then select the Craft tab, and the list of objects that you can build will be displayed.

In this case it is the Unbroken cloak y el collar Home Sweet Hell. Make sure you have the necessary materials to build both items.

Forspoken is one of the first AAA of 2023, which It is on sale for PlayStation 5 and PC. You can try its free demo to get an idea of ​​what the game is like, available on PS Store, Steam, Epic Store and Microsoft Store.

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