How to get the The Finishing Touch at Hogwarts Legacy trophy/achievement the easiest way

How to get the The Finishing Touch at Hogwarts Legacy trophy/achievement the easiest way

The players of Hogwarts Legacy that they have already passed the story and are with the postgame, have explored all the points on the map and have overcome the puzzles hidden by Hogwarts, they only need to get the platinum.

One of the more complicated Hogwarts Legacy trophies or achievements is the finishing touch.

it’s a trophy plata because it is really easy to complete it… but laborious, because you have to use the ancient magic in all common enemy types to get itand that’s something you can’t keep track of.

In this Hogwarts Legacy guide we explain what all the enemies you must hit with this magic are, and where you can find them.

All common enemies in the game

In the game there are 34 common enemies. We are talking about enemies that can be found in various areas of the game and that, when you beat the story, you can continue to find them in places where they respawn, such as hideouts.

For that reason, the enemies that only appear to us during certain parts of the game do not count for this achievement, only the enemies that we can always find, and they are divided into seven categories:


  • stony back dugbog
  • Gran Dugbog pinchudo
  • milkweed dugbog


  • Ashwinders Duelist
  • Ashwinders Scout
  • Ashwinder Slayer
  • Guardian of the Ashwinders
  • Ashwinder Soldier
  • Ashwinder Enforcer


  • stealth duelist
  • stealth tracker
  • sneaky animagus
  • stealth guard
  • sneaky stalker
  • sneaky enforcer


  • killer follower
  • Commander Follower
  • sentinel follower
  • warrior follower
  • guard follower
  • Below


  • Venomous Scurry
  • Venomous Stalker
  • venomous scavenger
  • venomous matriarch
  • spiny-backed squirrel
  • spiny-backed stalker
  • spinyback marksman
  • spiny-backed matriarch


  • forest troll
  • mountain troll
  • river troll


Watch out for the normal mongrel, it’s not listed in the enemy collection and you might overlook it, but it’s one of the enemies you need to hit with ancient magic to get the achievement.

Although you can find each enemy in their usual spawn spots (mostly in the Forbidden Forest, Poidsear cost, or Feldcroft), the best place to get them is the two combat arenaswhere almost all the enemies in the game appear.

How to Unlock Ancient Magic

Unlocking the Ancient Magic is not lost, since you do it during the story, in the mission The secrets of the forbidden section.

To cast it, you must wait for an ancient magic meter to fill up, by chaining combos together or taking damage. When it is full, you can release it by pressing L1+R1 at the same time.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch coming later (here are the dates).

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