How to get through doors with fire in Hi-Fi Rush

How to get through doors with fire in Hi-Fi Rush

We are facing the biggest surprise of this 2023, and that the year has just begun. At the Xbox Developer_Direct on Wednesday, January 25, Microsoft announced (and released) the new game from Tango Gameworkscreators of The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo: Hi-Fi Rush.

At first we thought it was a multiplayer shooter, but nothing like that. Hi-Fi Rush is a hilarious 3D action adventure reminiscent of classics like Jet Set Radio.

The best thing about Hi-Fi Rush is that it launched the same day it was announced, and can be enjoyed with your Xbox Game Pass subscription. But beware, that on Steam it is also being a huge sales success.

If you’re starting to play Hi-Fi Rush, you’ve probably already come across a burning door. Is it possible to go through them? Of courseand in this guide we teach you how to do it.

How to cross the gates with fire

Hi-Fi Rush is an old-school game, one of those that are scarce these days and that we wanted so badly to revive. Is about a 3D hack and slash reminiscent of Devil May Crybut with a Jet Set Radio aesthetic and rhythm game elements.

As in other games of the genre, the essence of Hi-Fi Rush lies not only in the fighting, but also in finding all the collectibles of the adventure.

The problem is that some are very hidden, even behind doors covered in fire. If you have already defeated the first boss of Hi-Fi Rush, surely you have already come across one.

You can’t cross them (unless you want Chai and 808 to burn). But yes, later in the game you will get a skill with which to extinguish the flames And walk through these gates.

We don’t want to spoil the plot of Hi-Fi Rush, so we will explain what you have to do, but without mentioning explicit terms.

To get the necessary skill to extinguish the flames, you will have to recruit the third ally in Hi-Fi Rush. By defeating each boss or in certain parts of the story, you will get the help of another character.

It is possible to temporarily change each ally with an exclusive ability, which we obtain by defeating the first boss of Hi-Fi Rush.

Once you defeat the fourth boss of the game, you will get the help of the third ally… and you will be able to put out the flames of these doors. It is also possible to replay the previous stages so that you do not miss any collectibles of the adventure.

Hi-Fi Rush is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Steam, Epic Games Store y Game Pass. It is one of the great surprises of 2023, and a return to those games that amazed us on the Dreamcast or the first Xbox.

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