How to improve or restore the EVs of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to train our Pokemon as we want

How to improve or restore the EVs of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple to train our Pokémon as we want

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch it maintains the same classic rules of the saga to train Pokemon, add EVs… or subtract them, to be able to shape the strengths of the Pokemon as we want.

Los IVs y EVs of the Pokemon is not something that will worry you while you are passing the story, but it is important to take them into account if you want to form the best competitive team for the postgame and competitive duels.

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide we explain the methods that exist to raise Effort Points (EVs) or to reset them.

What are the Effort Points (EVs) of Pokemon

EV refers to Effort Values, that is, Effort Points. They are a series of stats of the Pokemon, which demonstrate their strength at an individual level and distinguish them from other Pokemon of the same species, even if they are at the same level.

They are divided into six categories:

  • PS
  • Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Defending
  • Special Defense
  • Velocity

EVs differ from IVs (individual values) in that the latter they come predetermined on the Pokemon upon capture and at birth, and cannot be modified except in extreme training.

The EVs, on the other hand, will be earned as we fight. These will be distributed among the six values ​​more or less randomly (it depends on the Pokemon we have defeated), but there are ways to strengthen one of the six specific values, or to redistribute them.

Keep in mind that the maximum number of EVs that you can earn between the six stats es 510and you cannot have more than 252 EVs on a given stat.

How to gain EVs for Pokemon

The main way to earn EV is by battling Pokemon in the wild, or against trainers. We will gain from 1 to 3 EVs in one or several stats depending on the Pokemon (it is not random, each one grants a specific EV as a reward, although that is something that the game never shows explicitly).

Note that multiplayer matches do not grant EVs (so that artificial farming is avoided).

Additionally, you can give each Pokemon specific items to “train” a specific stat and gain more EVs than normal. These add an additional 8 EVs to the ones you gain with the Pokemon, and you can buy them in the Delibazar.

  • Heavy Weight: +8 HP EVs
  • Strong Bracer: +8 Attack EVs
  • Strong Belt: +8 Defense EVs
  • Hard Lens: +8Special Attack EVs
  • Strong Band: +8 EVs in Special Defense
  • Resilient Strip: +8 Speed ​​EVs

How to Reset EVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

If you want to reduce the EVs of a certain stat, to maximize other values, like subtract Defense to add Attack, you can use the Berries, which are sold in the Marinada Town Market.

  • Grana Berry: Subtracts 10 HP
  • Algama Berry: Subtracts 10 from Attack
  • Ispero Berry: Subtracts 10 Defense
  • Shimmer Berry: Subtracts 10 from Special Attack
  • Uvav Berry: Subtracts 10 from Special Defense
  • Tamate Berry: Subtracts 10 from Speed

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