How to level up fast in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

How to level up fast in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

If you had a PSP, surely at some point you tried Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, one of the best JRPGs of its generation and an excellent prequel to the Square Enix classic. Well, from December 13 we can enjoy the remaster Crisis Core Reunion.

It might not be as spectacular as Final Fantasy VII Remake, but Crisis Core Reunion successfully updates the original PSP game and brings it to a new technical level on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

In essence we are facing the same game from 14 years ago, which means that the playable mechanics are identical. Do you remember how you level up in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy 7?

No, it doesn’t work the same as it does in other Final Fantasy games, so you may be at a loss if you haven’t played the original. we explain how to level up fast in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII.

Leveling up and how OMD works

Crisis Core Reunion (and the original from 2008) has a completely different leveling system than what we are used to. And it is precisely one of the most interesting factors of the title.

As explained in the in-game tutorials, Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII incorporates a roulette system called OMD (Onda Mental Digital) during the combats, which fulfills different functions.

By defeating enemies we are accumulating experience, of course, but the difference is that in Crisis Core Reunion we are never shown the amount of XP harvested.

Instead, the XP that we are getting goes to the OMD wheel, which spins randomly during each Crisis Core fight. At certain times it can give us an exclusive Summon, special attack or even a level up.

The effects of the OMD spinner are random, but in the face of Zack’s level up will count the total XP that we have achieved

Only by obtaining the necessary amount of experience will we achieve that the wheel reflects a 7-7-7. It is the only combination in the game that allows us to level up.

Cheats to level up faster in Crisis Core Reunion? You really have to keep in mind that the more fights and more XP you get, the faster you will become stronger. Come on, the fact that it is done through the roulette system does not change much.

When it comes to leveling, the best option is to choose side missions full of enemies. An example is mission 1-1-6which pits us against 1000 SHINRA soldiers.

Thanks to the OMD system we can not only level up Zack (only when rolling three 7’s, remember that)but also unleash powerful Summons, level up Materia, or execute charged attacks.

Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII is available from December 13 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC. Did you know that the remaster censors one of the most iconic scenes from the PSP original?

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