How to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy in the combat arenas of the dark arts

How to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy in the combat arenas of the dark arts

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world action RPG and as such the level and progression system encourages us to Gain experience with which to continue improving. Of course, within the game there are ways and means to grow.

The players of Hogwarts Legacy They are already taking full advantage of the title and for this reason, a really interesting trick has been discovered if what you want is to quickly level up within the game. game. Here we tell you what it consists of:

How to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy in the dark arts combat arenas

The first thing you should do is access one of the dark arts combat arenas, obviously. There is one north of Hogwarts and to unlock it you must destroy up to 10 different pots near the entrance.

Once you have done it, you must participate in this activity in which we will have to defeat waves of enemies. Each one gives you a good amount of EXP points, but requires a good level of skill and available spells.

However, here is the key to everything. Getting experience and quickly leveling up with the combat arenas is extremely easy because the game does not take into account the difficultyso simply select the lowest difficulty and you will still get the same amount of points.

The difficulty History It hardly poses a challenge so the fights will be very easy for you and you will be able to farm experience in large amounts in a few minutes. So you can improve your magic level much faster.

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