How to make all Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses easier

How to make all Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses easier

We will not have it easy in the combats Wo Long Fallen Dynastybasically because of the concept of morality and spirit, and because we are going to have to know how to counteract each of the enemies that we encounter.

And it is that you have to manage the spirit, also counter the opposing attacks, and on top of that to inflict spirit damage you will have to block a lot of critical attacks, a Wo Long Fallen Dynasty game system that may choke at first.

It is convenient that we master all these systems very quickly if we want to survive in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and especially complicated the fights against the bosses can be.

Well, we offer you some tips and tricks that could help you a lot, both to understand the concept of fighting and also to easily defeat the bosses.

How to make all Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses easier

We are going to offer you a series of tips to know how to improve and control morale, but also reinforcement and critical blocks.

The first thing we need to worry about to make the bosses easier is finding the battle flags to increase the total strength.

Regarding critical attacks during boss fights, it is likely that the spirit meter will deplete quickly, since if we fail to block a critical attack, our morale will drop by one point.

You should specialize in blocking critical attacks, because you can even break the enemy with just two or three critical blocks.

You should also focus on depleting the enemy’s spirit meter, either by blocking critical hits or by attacking them aggressively.

If you manage to perform a fatal attack on a boss, it will end up stealing morale and on top of that, it will add to you, which will give you a great advantage for the rest of the fight.

If what you are looking for is to increase morale to the maximum, simply farm enemies on the battlefield, that is, those missions that the game offers you.

Of course, note that for each battlefield, your morale range is reset, being able to reach a maximum of 25 morale in any of these fields.

Basically how it works is, if your morale is lower than your enemy’s, you will take much more damage, and if your rank is higher you will take much less damage.

You must be aware that you will automatically raise your morale while advancing on the battlefield and defeating enemies, and do not forget to locate all the flags in this field to increase your maximum strength.

Reinforcements or allies against bosses are very important, and you can have a maximum of two allies in these fights.

These boosters get stronger the more you use them, and summoning a booster will level them up. If you have a high oath, it means that the ally will survive for a long time, and will be more aggressive in combat and deal more damage.

However, if you use boosts during bosses, you won’t be able to practically improve the oath bar, but it’s a great way to make the boss easier to defeat.

When we have reinforcements, the bosses are much more distracted, so you can take the opportunity to launch attacks and even spells at them.