How to open all the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 Remake and where to find the keys

How to open all the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 Remake and where to find the keys

One of the most acclaimed titles of the license Resident Evil come back with a remake from the fourth installment, and with substantial changes from the original, so it is convenient to know each of the current tricks that are adapted to the new version.

And one of those first concerns that we are going to have in Resident Evil 4 Remakeis the subject of the situation of each of the closed drawers, which require a small key to open them.

Inside these closed drawers in the remake of Resident Evil 4 Remake we are going to find different rewards that it is convenient for you to collect, but unfortunately before we are going to have to find a series of small keys.

So we not only give you the location of each of the closed drawers in Resident Evil 4 Remake but also the location of all the small keys that we have found so that you can open them.

How to open the locked drawers of Resident Evil 4 Remake and where to find the keys

First and foremost, you need the small keys to open the drawers in Resident Evil 4. Remake.

We can find small keys in the following locations in this installment of Resident Evil:

inside the village

  • In the main house, you find a small key inside a square box.
  • In the house of the head of the village. You locate the key on a table next to the sofa.
  • In the fish farm, specifically, inside a small hut, just before that cabin that has fuel for the boat.
  • Once you can navigate the boat, you can head north, then use the insignia key on the door to get to the forest altar, and find the key near a sacrificed victim.
  • In the church, on a desk to the right of the pulpit of the glass design.

inside the castle

  • In the binding area, in the short corridor, after solving the lithograph puzzle.
  • In the armory, specifically, in the dresser to the left, just before going down to the lower area.
  • In the ballroom, where the cable car, as soon as you have left the mines, you will find this opposite area of ​​the room, you just have to look to the right of the cable car to see the small key.

And now we go for all the closed drawers:

In the village

  • Where the village square, inside one of the houses, on the left, which contains a compass.
  • In the factory inside the office where you pick up the equipment.
  • When you get to the mall that has the first shooting gallery, you need to go down the stairs to the shipyard and you will see the locked drawer that contains a pocket watch.
  • In the settlement, by the lake, as soon as you can use the boat, you must go to the settlement, and find the drawer inside the house that contains a gold bar.
  • In the church, this locked drawer is found in the church side room save point and contains a yellow diamond.

In the castle

  • In the audience room, along the left side of the main room and you have a gold bar.
  • In the binding area, where you do the lithograph puzzle, the locked drawer contains a pocket watch.
  • When you try to evade the second boss of The Giant, you will reach a tower with a cannon, well, the closed drawer is on the left and it has a beetle.

So with this you know where to find all the small keys to open each of the locked drawers that we have both in the village and in the castle in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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