How to open the numbered doors of Hi-Fi Rush and what they are for

How to open the numbered doors of Hi-Fi Rush and what they are for

As you progress in your adventure through Hi-Fi Rush, you will find a multitude of secrets, flashy items and more that you may not be able to interact with the first time you see them, and one of them is the numbered locked doors.

Let’s find a set of up to eight locked doors numbered throughout our games to Hi-Fi Rushbut in a first race it is impossible to open them.

However, these numbered locked doors are inaccessible at first so you should forget about them until you’ve beaten the game.

And we tell you that until you have beaten the game, because once you beat Hi-Fi Rush, you will be able to interact with them, to meet a series of challenges inside, but obviously you must find them first.

How to open the numbered doors of Hi-Fi Rush and what it is for

As we told you, these locked numbered doors are accessible once the adventure is complete, and within them you will find a series of challenges that will demand the most from you and that will give us a series of rewards.

So that you have them located, we tell you exactly where each of the doors are:

  • The first door can be found on track 1 after chorus 4, for this you must go past Smidge, then go towards the two traffic cones, and go downstairs. Once you have gone down, you must turn around and you will see that there is the first door.
  • The second door can be found on track 2, specifically after completing the tutorial on enemies that carry shields. After there, you must look towards the catwalk that is above and we will locate the corresponding door.
  • The third door is found on track 3 after completing the Rhythm Parry tutorial. You need to walk down the corridor until you reach the glass room with a blue tile floor, and instead of taking the zip line to the left, you need to go right and go through the yellow barriers and climb over the rocks.
  • The fourth door is found on clue 4 after going through the lab hallway, then head up the stairs and activate the generator on the right, and from there head up to find the door.
  • The fifth door is located on track 5, after talking to TEC-78 you must go behind the terminal of the store, and then jump onto one of the moving platforms until it takes you directly to the door.
  • The sixth door is located on track 7, after the second platforming session until you enter an area with three large green vertical tubes. From there you have to go up the stairs that are to the left, and instead of going through the blue door, you must go through the other flight of stairs that is ahead until you find the door at the top.
  • The seventh door is found on track 8 after completing the third parkour segment. From there, turn around before breaking through the wall, then jump through the pipes and locate the door next to it.
  • And finally the eighth door is located on track 10, once you enter the atrium with the statue in the center, you have to go to the right after the cutscene ends. Then jump to the pots, then upstairs, smash the boxes to get past the first two wooden walls, and finally jump around the last wall to get to the corresponding door.

Don’t forget to visit each of the eight gates above, and complete the relevant challenges to earn loads of rewards.