How to open the safes of the drug floors of GTA Online: all the combinations and codes

GTA Online drug stores and stashes: where to find them and why you should get what they have inside

GTA Online has not stopped growing since its launch a few years ago. Rockstar has introduced a fair number of weighty updates that have given players new activities to do in The Saints.

A few weeks ago we received a free update focused on the drug world of Los Santos. Several activities have been added to the game linked to GTA V, as we have already mentioned, being the drug floors one of the most prominent.

How to open the safes of the drug floors of GTA Online: all the combinations and codes

For those who don’t know, drug floors are new safe houses which you can enter to get a few valuable rewards. But we already know that things are not so easy in the Rockstar game.

Within these locations there are a number of enemies that, if you manage to liquidate, you will be able to steal a safe in which you can get up to GTA$30,000 or some supplies for your businesses. Without a doubt, it is a worthwhile reward.

Getting to rob a few drug floors as quickly as possible is a very interesting way of income, but first you must know the passwords to the safes. These six-digit codes are set randomlybut there are a few combinations that are fixed:

  • 01-23-45
  • 02-12-87
  • 28-11-97
  • 44-23-37
  • 05-02-91
  • 72-68-83
  • 24-10-81
  • 73-27-38
  • 28-03-98
  • 77-79-73

You can try any of those, though, the required combination can be found in the same room as the safe. The code is usually pinned to a wall or on a desk. The numbers are in case you don’t feel like looking too much…

Remember that drug floors can be found all over the Los Santos map, specifically in 25 locations that can be consulted on the map marked as a purple house.

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