How to pass level 20 in Fire Emblem Engage

How to pass level 20 in Fire Emblem Engage

Like all good Japanese RPGs, Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch follows a well-known level and progression structure. However, the changes have their one, so you may be interested in getting to know the system in depth to get the most out of it.

Today we talk about the levels of Fire Emblem Engage, how you can overcome a certain barrier, how to change your class or increase it to its advanced form and other vital information.

Levels in Fire Emblem Engage: how to pass level 20 or get master seals

Each character in Fire Emblem Engage has a class that can level up to level 20. However, there is a way to take a new leap and go beyond that limit. You must change your character’s class and reach a Advanced Class.

A unit at level 20 in basic class will be much weaker than one that is level 1 in advanced class. To be able to climb this category you must have reached level 20 in basic and then use a Master Seal. This item can be obtained by completing Diversions and optional quests.

Now, your units will increase their skills and have the opportunity to level up 20 more. And what happens now? Is that the top of the game? Well, not entirely, since you can surpass level 20 again.

For this you must get the second stamps sold in the Somniel bazaar. Now you can use them to lower your character to level 1, but if you do it within his same class he will keep the stats and can continue increasing his power.

This will cause already powerful units to gain even more stats when it comes to their highlights. Of course, they are only maintained if you continue with the same class and do not change it.

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