How to play Legend of Dragoon with texts and voices in Spanish in the PS Plus version

How to play Legend of Dragoon with texts and voices in Spanish in the PS Plus version

The first PlayStation was a great console, which not only marked the beginning of Sony in video games, but also had a great catalog of titles that we all remember. Undoubtedly one of them was The Legend of Dragoon.

this role playing developed by Sony (and produced by Shuhei Yoshida) It was one of the great exclusives in the life of PS1, which now thanks to PS Plus has returned to our consoles.

The Legend of Dragoon may not have had a sequel (hopefully it will come back with a remake one day), but if you’re a PS Plus Premium subscriber you’ll be able to access the original title as part of PlayStation Classics.

And best of all: the ”new” version of this legendary PS1 JRPG includes a great novelty that solves one of the biggest gambling problems in Europe.

How to play The Legend of Dragoon in Spanish

The arrival of The Legend of Dragoon on PS Plus Premium was celebrated by all. Despite being one of the jewels in the PS1 catalogue, the truth is that it’s not as high-profile a game as Final Fantasy VII, to cite the most notorious example.

In its day (year 2001, despite the fact that the game was released in Japan in 1999), The Legend of Dragoon came to us with texts and voices in Englishwhich caused some players not to try this JRPG.

More than 20 years have passed since then, and Sony has decided to incorporate this classic from the first PlayStation into the catalog of backward compatible PS Plus Premium.

On this occasion, we can play The Legend of Dragoon in full Spanish. As you hear it, this includes both texts and voices in Spanish. What a treat!

To enable the Spanish language in The Legend of Dragoon it is necessary enable a game settings menu option. It is a very simple process, which we describe below:

  1. Start The Legend of Dragoon on PS5 or PS4, if you are subscribed to PS Plus Premium
  2. Click on Options in the main menu
  3. Then select the option Settings.
  4. Click on change region and select Europa (PAL).
  5. The game prompts you that a restart is required.
  6. Quit The Legend of Dragoon, and re-enter.
  7. Texts and voices will now be in perfect Spanish.

It has to be said that this was NOT in the original PS1 versionsince the game arrived in Europe in English (something common at the time).

The fact that you can play with Texts and voices in Spanish It’s a luxury, and it also helps players get to know the lore and plot of The Legend of Dragoon. What a gift Sony has given us, right?

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