How to play Pokemon Scarlet and Purple in Nuzlocke mode: rules and everything you need to know

How to play Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in Nuzlocke mode: rules and everything you need to know

Pokemon is back in fashion, and that this 2022 we have had a double helping of the Game Freak saga and The Pokemon Company on Nintendo Switch. In this case we are talking about the ninth generation editions, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

The adventure in Paldea is full of new Pokemon, characters, villains and exciting situations. Many of you have been enjoying the long-awaited Pokemon Spain for some time.

Of course, maybe the veterans of the saga are somewhat disappointed with the difficulty standard of current games. They are simpler than before… but before this problem a solution arises, thanks to the ingenuity of the Pokemon fandom.

Do you know what Nuzlocke is? With this particular challenge, your adventure in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will be more challenging than ever, and it may thus make you reconcile with the saga of your childhood and youth.

Nuzlocke Challenge: Everything you need to know

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple go along the lines of Sword/Shield in terms of difficulty. This means that, if you are a veteran of the franchise, the adventure may be too easy for you.

But don’t worry, because you can start a new game with the Nuzlocke challenge. before anything, this is not any mod or content that modifies the gamebut a game mode invented and made up of different rules.

First we are going to explain Nuzlocke’s basic rules, which apply to any Pokemon game. Later we will adapt it to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

In the first place we have a series of basic rules, which you must strictly comply with. there are only two, although it is recommended to meet the rest of the requirements (not all players do).

These are the basic rules of Nuzlocke for the Pokemon saga:

  1. The player is limited to capturing the first Pokemon they encounter on each route or area in the game. If the Pokemon is knocked out or escapes, the player must wait until they reach the next route/area to capture another Pokemon. (MANDATORY).
  2. If one of your Pokemon is weakened, it is mandatory to keep it on the PC forever or release it into the wild. That is, they cannot be cured in the Pokemon Center and used again. Revive and similar items cannot be used either. (MANDATORY).
  3. Players cannot load a previous game or change save files
  4. If all your Pokemon fall in combat, the game will be over (Game Over).
  5. It is mandatory to put a nickname to all your Pokemon
  6. Only Pokemon captured or obtained by characters in the game can be used. Items obtained from Mystery Gifts or exchanges cannot be used.

As you see, there are two mandatory standards and then a few that you do not have to strictly comply with. Some players modify the experience to their liking, but always complying with the first two rules.

Now we are going to see how to adapt these rules to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Now there are no routes or separate areas as suchsince we are facing an open world game.

Here we leave you with Nuzlocke rules adapted to the new games, and other new ones:

  1. Upon reaching an area, close your eyes for 30 seconds and catch the first Pokemon you interact with in an open area.
  2. Another option is to activate a 5 minute timer. Once the time is up, you need to catch the first Pokemon you see in said open area.
  3. Do not capture more than one Pokemon in Raids.
  4. Players can only catch a Pokemon in the area behind one of the Gyms.
  5. Use the same number of Pokemon as the opponent.
  6. You cannot switch Pokemon by beating one of your opponent’s Pokemon.
  7. It is not possible to use starting pokemon (optional).
  8. Potions and other items cannot be used during battle.
  9. Only normal Poké-Balls can be used.
  10. It is not possible to evolve your Pokemon (optional).
  11. Weakened Pokemon cannot be replaced on your team (optional).

These are the Nuzlocke rules that you can use for your game in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. There are really only two requirements you need to meet, and from there configure the rules however you like.

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