How to Raise Friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Tricks, Tips, and Best Methods

How to Raise Friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Tricks, Tips, and Best Methods

All the magic of the Disney universe comes together in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Gameloft’s new social simulation game for PC and all consoles on the market. It’s like Animal Crossing meets The Sims and they jump into the world of Disney.

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers tons of quests from different Disney and Pixar movies. In the same way, you can recruit mythical characters from the House of Mouse for your particular valley.

The thing is that each character (Merlin, Mickey, Wall-E…) has a friendship meter with you. It may seem silly, but sometimes you will have to increase the friendship with certain character to complete a mission, unlock a new area or to get rewards.

Don’t know how to increase the friendship level in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well here we leave you the best tricks, tips and methods to increase friendship quickly.

Best Ways To Raise Friendship Level

Each Disney Dreamlight Valley character has their own friendship meter. This is indicated in the upper left corner of each character sheet. To consult it you must go to the section collections and choose the option Characters.

In the pink indicator you will see at what level is the friendship of a specific character. When you reach level 2 you unlock the trades for each one, so you can do activities together.

As we level up friendship we will be unlocking rewards (coins, clothing items, skills and more). And we can also do specific missions for each one.

There are many ways to raise your friendship level, but we will reveal you below the most effective and fastest:

Talk, discuss and reconcile

The easiest way of all. Of course, talking to each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley will help to forge a great friendship, so try to dedicate a few minutes to each neighbor (sometimes they will give you clues to complete tasks).

As in any conversation, it is possible that sometimes you fall into an argument. Nothing happens, because there is the key: If you argue with a Disney character, you can improve your friendship by making up.

How do you reconcile with a character? There are different ways, from giving a gift to fulfilling a mission for him. Sometimes there’s even a dialogue option to get over your anger.

Give presents

You may not have argued with any character, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a gift. Giving things away is the sauce of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it will make your neighbors adore you more every day.

Clear, It is not worth giving away anything at random. Each character has her favorite foods and items, which you can check in the menu Charactersin collections. And be careful, because these will change every day.

If you succeed with each gift, you will see that the friendship with each character is increasing more and more. That means you’re on the right track.

Do activities with each character (trades)

When you reach friendship level 2 with a character, you can assign him a job or role for his daily routine. For example, Merlin can be a collector and Wall-E an excavator, which will determine what they do in their spare time.

Related to this is a surefire way to increase your friendship with a Disney Dreamlight Valley character: doing activities together. Either excavate, cultivate or fishthis will make your bond stronger.

Remember to combine these joint activities with gifts and conversations, because in this way you will level up much faster.

Complete character specific missions

We come to the last method, which will only be available at a considerable level with a specific character. If a Disney character is your friend, you can take some specific missions which, in turn, you can only complete if you reach a high level of friendship with other characters.

An example is Marlinesince one of its specific missions requires you to have a high friendship level with three characters from your valley.

Once again, we remind you that The key to success is to combine these four methods and not abuse each one.. If you do it right, you will have a full friendship with all the neighbors in your valley.

These are The best methods to raise friendship with a character in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Keep in mind that this is a social simulator, so you’ll want to get along with all your neighbors in the magical Disney Valley.

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